Take two

I hate writing intros to things, always have. Whether it be the first line of a news story, the opening paragraph of an essay or simply trying to produce a witty response to a text message I’m not fond of ye olde first impressions. So I’ll keep it brief and succinct. I’m going to South America soon and this be my blog. I dipped my toes in the blogging game last time I went away but could only manage a few meagre posts before my laziness got the better of me (you can read some of these posts, and find the origins of the blog’s name here). This time will be different. With my trail following the fertile writing ground that is South America and a few ideas in the pipeline including interviews with some people much cooler than me, how could it not be? So there you have it. Three more weeks until I’m off on a big ol’ jet plane to find some more of this:

and this:



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2 responses to “Take two

  1. dbag

    keep us posted j square

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