Hasta mañana Adelaide

ONE more sleep ’til I head off for the bright lights of Buenos Aires. I’ve been a little slack this week and haven’t posted anything on here but as you’d expect I’ve been a bit flat out. Booking ferries to Uruguay and making sense of street names and suburbs to find my way to my Spanish tutor’s office have been among my myriad of annoying errands so I’ve had little time for anything else. So I thought I’d just post a friendly reminder that I’m still here, still blogging like it aint no thang, and to remind you that it will get much better I promise.

But it hasn’t been all lame organisational tasks and mental battles about whether to bring four pairs of jocks away with me or six. I’ve also managed to cram in quite a bit in my last couple weeks in A-Town. I made it to the Phoenix and Friendly Fires concerts, the opening night of the Garden of Unearthly Delights and a Sam Simmons show where he asked me on stage, sprayed soda water all over me, sang a song about how much I sucked, then called me a fuckwit in front of everyone. And of course there was the odd beer and a surf or two near beautiful Victor Harbor interspersed for good measure.

What I’m getting at is Adelaide is still a pretty rad place to live. There’s half-decent consistent surf not far away and world-class waves (a bit of a drive, I know) further west, we get decent bands playing on a regular basis  and we don’t have the hectic-ness and congestion of say a Melbourne or Sydney. Plus, with all the shit going on right now in the city there’s no better time to be stuck here I reckon. One of my pet hates is hearing people that live here bag our fair city out and say they’d rather be living elsewhere. If you hate it so much, save up, buy a ticket somewhere and fuck off. Pretty simple.

But, if you’re still a bit off the fact you’re going to be in Adelaide for the foreseeable future or you’re simply interested in Latin America and general travel stories – keep checking back here, where you can live vicariously through me. Next blog post: reporting from Buenos Aires.


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  1. dawson

    oh to be a fly on the wall in your mind…..

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