J to the BA part two

THE boys and I went for a nice Sunday wander at the old picturesque suburb of San Telmo the other day for its weekly antique fair. The streets are cobbled and pretty, the buildings are from another age and there are street performers aplenty. And of course there are the antiques themselves – old rusty pocket watches, cameras from the 70s that I’d be frothing over if I actually knew anything about them, and old coins sit upon the countless stalls begging to bought.

I snapped the above photo just as I was leaving and it occurred to me that some of the telephones in the stall look remarkably similar to a little green number we had in our house when I was young (reaaally young – I have a good memory). And I realised I’m no spring chicken anymore. My mate Dave tried to console me, saying that they weren’t really antiques because technically an antique is something more than 50 years old (thanks Dave). But whatever you call it – antique, vintage, retro – shit like these phones (and most objects from my early childhood) are now relics. It was a sad thought at first, but on the walk home I decided all it meant was that I had to make the most of the now and all that (I won’t bore you with any lame clichés) before I become old and obsolete. So, with a spring in my step I stopped in a second-hand bookstore on the way home and found a copy of Paul Theroux’s Mosquito Coast for 25 pesos. Win. Then I got back to the hostel to find out we all had free tickets to a Kate Nash gig*. Double win. I booked a ticket to Patagonia the next day, content with the fact that I am here and am getting the most use out of myself now before I become an old phone on a stall in an antique fair (or some analogy like that).

* Side note: Dave randomly met a dude back in Adelaide after a gig and they got talking and they both realise they’re both drummers. Next thing Dave mentions he’s going to South America and this guy’s like ‘No shit, well I’m playing a gig in Buenos Aires on the 27th, you might have heard of her Kate Nash?’. And Dave’s like ‘fuck we get there on the 23rd!’. We ended up having something on the night we thought the gig was and assumed we missed it, next thing you know we bump into the drummer in the aforementioned markets. You wouldn’t read about it.

Here’s a few more pics I took from the markets.

P.s. My mate Arlen is living and studying in Medellín, Colombia at the moment and has started a blog which you can read here. Remains to be seen whether he’ll keep it up but I hope he does ’cause I know he’s got some cool shit to tell the world!


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  1. ben dawson

    obviously you havent noticed my clone in pic no4

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