We just want to have a good time

IT occurred to me the other day that I haven’t listened to any music on my iPod* in the two weeks I’ve been away. It hasn’t been on purpose or anything, there’s just kinda been an abundance of cool beats wherever I’ve been so far e.g. gangster Latino rap in the carpark at the beach, Manu Chao on repeat at the hostel we just left, Cafe Del Mar at the hostel I’m at now etc. Plus I’ve been reading and revising Spanish stuff while in transit to new destinations so the iPod remains at the bottom of my laptop case yearning for me push its buttons (a sex joke). I’ve been wondering then, what tunes will become the soundtrack to this trip, the ones I’ll listen to in years to come and automatically be transported to another time and place, where I was infinitely happy. Here are some of the songs from my last big trip that make me smile and laugh and all that stuff:

*technically it’s my girlfriend’s iPod (I dropped mine in the pool), thanks Mildred.

Incubus – Are You In?

I’ve always liked Incubus but never been a die-hard fan. I decided I’d give them a good thrashing on the bus to and from work in Whistler and a lot of their slower tracks were the perfect soundtrack for the 20-minute drive. Hearing this track now takes me back to the giant mountains, the frozen lakes, the bustle of Whistler Village and the quiet walk home from work through our snow-plowed street.

Gang Starr – Work

Best hip-hop song ever. I was listening to a fair bit of rap over in Canada (partly due to my housemate Nashy who has a Jay-Z fetish) and was also charging through six seasons of Entourage and this song sprung up on one of the episodes. Heaps of snowboarders are all about gangsta steez and I’d listen to this song on the bus while people-watching dudes wearing t-shirts down to their ankles and pants baggier than MC Hammer.

The Knux – Cappuccino

Another rad hip-hop track Nashy and I came across while sussing snowboarding videos on the net.

Ramones – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

Another song I used to rep on the bus. Not sure why, just a cool song…

Flight Facilities – Crave You

This song got a fair thrashing on the radio but in Canada it was fresh and new when it came through my computer speakers via the Triple J stream. I’d just moved into a new place a short walk from Whistler village after five months living on a couch at a house 20 minutes away by car. This song came on as I was unpacking my stuff and I frothed.

Bob Marley – any song

In Bali we hired two Kijang’s (Indo’s most popular car) and drove it on the ferry to Lombok to score the fabled Desert Point. A Bob Marley cassette tape was jammed into the player so we listened to it on repeat for the entire week or so we had the car.

Camera Obscura – French Navy

Didn’t know much from these guys (and gal) before I got to Kauai, Hawaii but the Swedish friend I stayed there with had a fondness for them and her enthusiasm for the Scots rubbed off on me. Reminds me of palms, eating sushi at the local Foodland and getting sunburnt at Hanalei Bay.

Felix Da Housecat – Ready 2 Wear

Another Whistler track. I worked at this cheesy family restaurant for a month before realising I had it made at my other job so I quit. One of the chefs whose name I don’t know used to chuck his iPod on and this track would always come up. It brightened up my New Years Eve night when it came on just before midnight while I was scrubbing dishes and pans.

M83 – We Own The Sky

If you haven’t seen pro snowboarder Travis Rice’s 2008 profile movie That’s It, That’s All do yourself a favour and download it, even if you don’t snowboard. The cinematography is insane, especially in the opening scene which features this song. This was the first snowboarding movie I saw and it got me so excited it made me wanna wee my pants, still does.

The Ark – One of Us is Gonna Die Young

Another song from a snowboarding movie (MDP Picture This). One of my housemates in Whistler, Sarah, used to throw this movie on religiously every morning so I’d wake up to its bangin’ soundtrack. The song is a little cheese, but it’s still awesome and the lyrics are spot on. 

Brazilian Girls – Good Time

Ryan Kenny, one of the guys I worked with in Whistler, is a pro filmer dude and makes these rad videos with his company Family Tree. I found this song on one of his movies and it’s got a real fun vibe and makes miss being able to go up the mountain with my snowboard whenever I wanted. The lyrics are funny and catchy. Yep. 

The Audreys – Susanne (listen here)

Always loved the Audreys. The singer is hot, she plays a ukelele and she’s from Adelaide. I hadn’t heard this song before until it popped up on shuffle on my iPod when I was hiking the Na Pali coast solo in Kauai. Beautiful song and beautiful surroundings. It was the day before I was to fly home after a year on the road and it was fitting the soundtrack was produced by fellow Adelaideans.

The Waifs – London Still

Classic travelling song. The lyrics don’t need any explanation. This song was on high rotation in my dorm in Banff, where I met two rad dudes who were also from Adelaide. I spent a month there and got rorted on the housing and job stakes so I packed up and moved to Whistler, but I still loved the town and the harmonies in this song.

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

Kiril Schegolsky is an Israeli bodyboarder who rips harder than most (I think he’s the only Israeli to have competed in the Pipeline contest?), despite growing up around waves similar to Adelaide’s mid coast. We met him in Puerto Escondido, Mexico and spent a month with him getting good waves and drinking too much cerveza. He’s a classic character and would always chuck this song on before a big night then start dancing around the pool table.

Cyndi Lauper – The Goonies R Good Enough

I watched The Goonies with a German girl in my hostel in Tofino, I hadn’t seen it for at least 13 years or so. What a film. It not only reminded me how funny the truffle shuffle is, but also how much I love Cyndi Lauper (this track plays in some chase scene when the older brother’s riding a girl’s bike I’m pretty sure). I also loved being in a warm clean bed with good company in the room while it poured with rain outside my window.

Other tracks

Neil Young – Old Man

Listened to this every day for about three weeks straight in Banff for some reason, then got sick of it. Heard it again the other day and I’m not sick of it anymore.

Roy Orbison – Anything you want, you got it

This came on when my mate Stubsy and I were driving from Hollywood to San Diego to ride the Flowrider (wave machine). We were hungover as fuck, lost, stuck in gridlock and Stubs had just crashed our hire car up the back of a mini-van (which contained the hottest mum I’ve ever seen). We were listening to some classic rock radio station and this song came on. We laughed off our troubles and hangovers and sung at the top of our lungs.



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8 responses to “We just want to have a good time

  1. dani kreeft

    haha, HAVE to check these all out, but 100% agreed on the roy orbison. anything he does is magic. and i love the story that goes along with this one, hot mom in traffic, go dean!

  2. bud washington

    ohhh wow! Finally i found something to read about. Amazing blogging, This really inspires me to never come home from my Thailand trip in October!

    Love Bud x

  3. the german girl from tofino

    i love your blog!! Brings bake amazing memories!!!! You were the best roomie i ever had. haha 🙂

    • Haha glad you found my blog! You were the best roomie I’ve had too! Are you back home now or still traveling around?

      • the german girl from tofino

        i’m still in whistler but heading home in 4 weeks to see my family.. probably stay there for a few weeks and then take off again… Destination… unknown 🙂 how long are u in south america for?

      • i’m here til around august then going to be in europe for a few months. let me know if you’re there then!

  4. Sarah

    What about Shaggy or Tina Turner??

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