Torres Del Paine in the ass

JUST kidding. It was actually really fun, I just needed a snappy title and that’s the best I could come up with. My friend Dave and I just completed the ‘W’ Trek in Torres Del Paine, Chilean Patagonia – an uber-popular hike, which regularly features in Top Ten lists for ‘World’s most spectacular hiking trails and the like. It was also named as one of the 50 places to visit in your lifetime by National Geographic. And for good reason. The trail weaves its way through fuck-off domineering mountains, angry glaciers, turquoise blue windswept lakes, lush forest and every other gorgeous landscape you can come up with. We hiked about 60km over the four days (most people do it in five days, no biggie), drank from streams and went to sleep in our tents to the sound of bubbling creeks and fierce avalanches. And I think that’s cool as shit. If you’re ever in South America land make sure you go south-bound and get ‘er done. That’s enough writing here’s some pictures:

'Who am I?'...'I don't know.' - Derek Zoolander



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9 responses to “Torres Del Paine in the ass

  1. A-Frame

    fuck thats awesome….

  2. Gotta get down there. Nice article and shots,

  3. Lardy

    Nice work dean fiend, Who would have thought u could write something i get so into. I thought u just chased skirt at magill?

  4. Looks beautiful, but I have to know, how hard was it?

    • It was hard enough to know that I won’t be doing another multi-day hike until June or July! It was definitely the most I’ve walked in one big hit in my life – manageable but pretty taxing on the legs by the end of the fourth day…

  5. dani kreeft

    holy shit. well done, well done (insert applause here.)

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