Something with numbers

What I was supposed to be doing today...

0.8 [tweetmeme source=”Fearinenglish” only_single=false]

the amount of rain (in centimetres) forecast to fall today in El Chalten, forcing me to write this post instead of hiking.


the size (in feet) of the biggest wave I’ve caught on the trip so far (La Paloma, Uruguay )

The barrels were so small I didn't even wanna look at them.


countries I’ve now seen 1998 flop Meet Joe Black in (first time was in Mexico in 09, and they played it on the bus from Buenos Aires to Patagonia last week). Both times I fell in love with Claire Forlani. So dreamy.

the number of metres Glacier Perito Moreno is advancing every day (see previous Glacier post)

books read so far – Graham Greene’s Journey Without Maps and Mosquito Coast by Paul Theroux. Currently reading Gabriel García Márquez’s, One Hundred Years of Solitude and as expected I can’t put it down


countries visited so far on this trip (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile)

iPods lost or stolen from my traveling companions


times I’ve heard Midnight Oil’s Beds Are Burning on this trip (couple times in Argentinian supermarkets, once at a bus station in Uruguay and once some other time I can’t remember where. Yeah Australia.)


boys from back home comprising our traveling group at one stage – we’ve split up for a few weeks but there’ll be eight of us Aussies (a nightmare for other travellers) when we all meet up in Santiago next week

Spanish lessons I’ve taken so far – and still struggling


times I almost threw up after a German girl punched one out on the toilet on the bus to Torres Del Paine last week then opened the door up releasing her fragrance down the aisle for her fellow travellers to enjoy


days into my trip


years I have left in my life (according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). Here’s to making the most of them.


kilometres clocked on our Torres Del Paine hike (see previous post)

Dave exhibiting the double thumbs-up pose. Classic.


hours spent in buses so far


revellers I partied with in La Paloma, Uruguay who were all packed into just a few narrow streets for Carnivale celebrations a couple weeks ago


latest estimate of the death toll from the Japan quake and tsunami. Horrific.


expected crowd figures for Chile’s inaugural two-day Lollapalooza festival I’ll be at in a couple weeks (headliners: Kanye West, Sublime – with some new singer for obvious reasons – Jane’s Addiction, The Flaming Lips, Ben Harper, The National, blah blah blah)

Lost count

the number of long-legged glamazons walking around Buenos Aires

nights we’ve slapped together the exact same cheap vegetarian pasta for about three bucks (carrot, tomato, onion, capsicum, peppers, sauce – sleep, shit, repeat)

Me preparing pasta number 347 in La Paloma.

times I’ve been stumped when I’ve gotten to the ‘occupation’ section on outgoing passenger cards and country entry & exit forms

Don’t want to know

dollars I’ve spent in Patagonia – it’s pretty easy to blow your budget down here if you’re not careful. Bring on Bolivia and Peru.

Pondering the universe, Chile.


minutes of your life you just wasted reading this blog post. Sucker.



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3 responses to “Something with numbers

  1. …I gotcha beat. Have seen Meet Joe Black in at least four. Ha …so bad.

  2. daws

    Make sure you check out Steel Pulse at Lollapalooza.

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