I guess that’s why they call it The Lake District.

I FEEL like a beer so I’ll keep it brief.

  • I spent the day in Bariloche, situated at the foot of the Andes, in Argentina’s Lake District.
  • Despite the insane hiking in the area, you only need to take a half-hour bus and walk a steep 20 minutes (or get a $40 peso chairlift if you’re injured like my mate Dave, or just plain lazy) to see a world-class view.

  • It’s called Cerro Campanario and was apparently once touted by National Geographic as one of the Top Ten viewing spots in the world or something (I’ve name-dropped NG twice this week if you haven’t noticed – good for street cred.)
  • There’s so much crazy scenery, so much water and lush green forest and you get a full 360-degree panoramic view, so if you’re like me it’s easy get confused as to where the mainland actually starts and whether you’re looking at an island or a peninsula.

It's also a sweet place to bring the babe as exemplified by this dude's moves on his sweetheart.

  • If you’re only here for one day (like us) then make sure you go see the shit out of it.
  • I’m itching for waves and my next post will be from Pichilemu, where my friends tell me it’s too big to surf right now (for us that is).
  • This will be the last dot point ‘cos I’m getting a beer. Ciao.

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