The hangover

We're pretty close.

THIS picture excites me. Not in a gay way (for the most part) but because it perfectly captures – albeit in a heaps weird way – why I love traveling. Four of us on a beach, miles from civilisation in rural Chile, in between surfs (we had three that day), with nothing to do except eat tomato sauce and avocado sandwiches and take stupid photos on the beach. No responsibilities, no place to be, just laughing and frothing out on the waves so we can get worn out and sleep, only to do the same thing again tomorrow. Buuuut it all has to end sometime…

Shaggy’s a South African guy I met while I was in Mexico in 2009. He bodyboards good and is one of the funniest dudes alive. He’s also been traveling the world like a crazy person since 1997 and writes cool shit on his blog My Friend Shaggy as well as Movement Magazine. I came across a blog post he wrote last week about the lows one experiences immediately after an overseas adventure, which I think a lot of you will relate to (especially if you’re of the wave-catching fraternity). Have a read of it here. It perfectly captures the cycle I’ve been in for a while now – a cycle I get scared will have to end at some stage soon because of a job or studying or something. But for now I’m just going to enjoy doing gay shit with my friends on secluded beaches in Chile.

Shaggy and a Mexican guy we met at a house party. He was carrying a knife.



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2 responses to “The hangover

  1. corinne

    Hi Jake…love reading your blog…looks like an amazing journey..keep it up x

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