Bears, boobs and bodyboarding

Me thinking ‘what the fuck do I do with my life, somebody please?’. Bariloche, Argentina. Pic: Dave Phillips.

Making decisions that affect the rest of your life is the worst kind of decision-making. Personally, I hate it. I mean, what happens if you change your mind within the next year? Where do you go from there? How is somebody supposed to know what they want to do for the rest of their life when they are only eighteen years old and ready to go to college? I know what you’re thinking: making those important decisions is part of being an adult, get used to it, kiddo!

But the truth is, I’ve found what I want to do with myself, at least for a while…

Not my words, but those of Nate in his latest post over at his blog The opening paragraph echoes my sentiments and the theme of my blog exactly. I think I’m still light years away from knowing what I want to do with myself, but his post gives me hope that through this traveling caper I might happen across something that I REALLY WANT TO DO as a career. Something that is truly ME. If you’re too lazy to go and check out his post (shame on you), basically after a trip to Patagonia he realised he really wants to make a living as an outdoor adventure guide of sorts. He’s now saving to enrol in a course in which he’ll live in the mountains for 50 days and learn a bunch of stuff including rock-climbing and whitewater caneoing, in order to realise his dream (thus turning his back you could say, on a university degree and a potential military career). And I think that’s fucking cool.

His previous post (more reason to check out his blog) was about this guy Timothy Treadwell, who hit rock-bottom with drugs and alcohol before he found solace living with and befriending bears in Alaska (befriending is a dubious term, him and his girlfriend were eventually killed by one of the bears). Check out German filmmaker Werner Herzog’s 2005 documentary Grizzly Man on the controversial figure. Whatever your thoughts on Timothy, it’s a pretty rad and engrossing story.

In an odd twist of events, Australian pornstar Chloe Conrad – who I blogged about a month or two ago – has now decided to quit the porn game altogether and is apparently going to drive to Armenia for charity. What a guru.

Holy potatoes! Photo: Riptide Magazine/Tungsten.

Another inspiring cat is Aussie bodyboarder Mitch Rawlins. Billabong have just released his ‘I surf because’ short (they’ve made one for a bunch of their team riders such as Rasta, Donovan Frankenreiter, Taj Burrows and the late Andy Irons). I don’t know the guy, he almost landed on me after a reverse air at Snapper Rocks when I was a grom, but his mantra is pretty straighforward. “It’s (bodyboarding) one of the most enjoyable things found around that I’ve done. I’ve done a lot other sports and a lot of other things, but it gives me the most enjoyment that’s why I do it. Why would I think about doing anything else when there’s surfing?” Check out the other videos here.


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  1. Man, that first picture brings back some memories. Bariloche is one of my top favorite cities from around the world so far– it is so different: a city, but yet seems so free from the chaotic life off most cities around the world.

    Thanks for the pingback. I’m in the middle of checking out your blog. It seems like you have had some great experiences traveling around as well. Above all else, keep that up.

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