Me being heaps funny. Photo: Dango.

I REALISE my last few posts have been a bit wanky and “I don’t know what I’m doing with myself, I’m confused”-ish, so I thought it was time for a straight-up photo post (with maybe a few words). Here’s a few belated pics from the day we spent meandering the streets of Valparaiso a couple weeks back. Known as the cultural capital of Chile and sometimes the “Jewel of the Pacific”, the UNESCO World Heritage site is a bohemian city full of colourful clapboard homes and Victorian mansions. Wikipedia, always a reliable source, says it used to be a major stop for ships crossing the Strait of Magellan in the 19th century, and the resulting rapid growth of the city churned out milestones such as Latin America’s first stock exchange, the continent’s first volunteer fire department, Chile’s first public library and the oldest Spanish language newspaper in continuous publication in the world. Valparaiso is famous for housing and inspiring generations of poets, writers and artists including Pablo Neruda, the Nobel-prize winning poet guy who was regarded as one of the best in the biz. It’s also famous for the utterly rad graffiti adorning almost every surface of the place, as well as its unusual funicular elevators – these weird cable railway things that take people up the city’s steep inclines. Embarrassingly we didn’t get to see any of the funiculars because the cobbled streets are a winding labyrinth of doom and we’re bad at reading maps, but we did check out a bunch of cool graffiti and get lost in the city’s beauty. Later that night we got really drunk with some English friends, which resulted in my mate Stubsy throwing up everywhere in the hostel and the three of us missing our northward bus the next morning.

* Apologies for the quality of photos, I bought my (pink) camera for 90 bucks in a Mexican department store a couple years ago and you get what you pay for…

Stubsy chilling.

I heart Valparaiso

The closest thing to boobs I've had all trip. Seedy porno showing at a cinema on the walk back to the hostel. I hear Ultimate Tits got rave reviews.



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5 responses to “Valparaiso

  1. norbit leighman

    wow jake you haved once again gaven me the wooos and the waaaaas. keep up the good, luck.

  2. bud washington

    Extremely amazing writing! im in shock on how great it is!! just if i knew how to write as good as that i may even make a blog! Next year im off to hawaii for a week, would be great to blog it!!! hahahahahahaha yehhhh

  3. bill

    hey man!

    you just gave me a great jog down memory lane.. oh how I dream of walking those winding colorful cobble-stoned streets again! Such an amazing place 🙂 I hope you popped into el canario at least once?


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