HERE’S another video of some grom absolutely ripping on a skateboard. If you haven’t been reading the blog lately (let’s face it that’d be most of you), I recently put up a link of a video of another grom – 13-year-old Whistler local Braedon Wheeler – doing things on a skateboard I’ll never dream of doing. He also blows up on skis and the snowboard. And look at the blonde locks on this Curren kid (in the above video). With his mad skills and boyish charms in a few years he’s gonna be beating away hordes of young girls with a stick. Meanwhile I’m here being scared of 5ft waves and simply beating away at something else.

Little c#@ts. Nah, they’re not really. But doesn’t it grind your gears a little bit when you see kids excelling at something at such a young age? I know natural talent is a giant force at play here, but don’t you wish you picked something up when you were super little and just ran with it, practising every day ’til it was dark and you were fucked? Then doing the same thing the next day, and the next, and the next…Cue a young Michael Jordan shooting hoops ’til late every night in his backyard – a memorable Space Jam scene.

Three of the biggest gurus you're likely to find.

I remember it was a sobering feeling when I was in my early 20s and dudes a few years younger than me from back home were getting drafted by AFL clubs. Then I’d see them on telly on a Friday night running around the MCG and think ‘fuck, my time really has passed’. Not that I ever wanted to play footy professionally or anything but you catch my drift. It’s too late for me to become prime minister or invent a type of silent velcro. You had to be laying the groundwork for that shit years ago. You almost become resigned to the fact that you’re just another speck whose name no one will remember long after you’re dead and buried. It’s not a devastating fact – living a long happy life filled with beautiful people and experiences is enough for me – buf fuck, it sure would be nice to be really, really good at something by now.

The peak of my modest football-playing days. Circa 2008 or so.

I recently finished reading Charles Bukowski’s brilliant Ham on Rye. The legend didn’t get his first novel published until he was 51 years old. Maybe there is hope for us after all.

Some more videos of groms ripping

12 years old. Get fucked.

6 years old. Now I just feel shitty.

3 years old. Probably still shits her pants though. Jake 1 – Chinese kid 1.


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