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I LIKE when a place creeps up and surprises you. I’d heard only shitty things about Lima, the capital of Peru and had only planned a one-night stop there on the way south. There are some decent waves an hour away in Punta Hermosa so the plan was to rest our weary bones in the supposedly shithouse Lima then find a bus south the next day. As they so often do, plans changed and instead of going south I went far north the following evening, but I was pretty stoked with how my 30-odd hours in the city went. Here’s a bit of a break down.

12:00pm: Arrive at the bus station. This time is approximate, I can’t actually remember when the fuck we arrived but I remember the bus being late and being annoyed about it.

1.30pm: After leaving our stuff at a cool cheap little hostel in the upmarket suburb of Miraflores, we dash across the road to the Pizza Hut, which is correspondingly upmarket. It’s actually the bestest Pizza Hut I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to at least four. Nah but seriously it’s pretty glitz – the décor looks like a 5-star restaurant and the menu features a plethora of fancy pastas and rich desserts. Dave and I split what I’d rate among the top three vegetarian pizzas of the trip, Potts and Bowlin go for the Supreme. We all argue about which one of us the super-cute waitress with the braces was looking at the most. It was definitely me.

Bob Marley can skate?

4.30pm: The guy working at the hostel tells us the skate park is only a few blocks away, so we leg it there with Pottsy’s board. The walk there is super nice – along a huge cliff with views of the metro coast, which does get pretty sweet waves on its day. The paths are clean and green, how could you not like this city? We all have a roll around, but I find the half-pipe a little steep at the top and after dropping in a few times, I decide I don’t want to break any bones. Pottsy and Dave keep skating but Bowlin and I go to watch some locals rip the bowl. Some dude that looks so much like Bob Marley it’s not funny is ripping so hard it’s not funny. Nothing’s funny. The dude is super nice and I see a bunch of Rip Curl logos so I figure he’s sponsored. We watch the sunset then walk back to the hostel. I ollie a two-stair, then land a 180 ollie and a heelflip in one super-awesome run and feel on top of the world!

8.00pm: I’m not sure where the time has gone but Potts and I find ourselves drinking a bottle of Ayahuasca, which he bought in a market in Cuzco a few days earlier. Ayahuasca a hallucinogenic brew made with native vines and leaves, which has been used for healing and divinatory purposes for centuries (at least). It’s supposed to be an intense cleansing experience you undertake with a shaman but we do it in the patio area of the hostel by ourselves instead. Very spiritual. Somehow we don’t throw up which I think adds to the effects. I can’t see straight anymore and keep saying “this is next level” and Pottsy keeps laughing. Dave and Bowlin buy two bottles of Vodka. We meet an older dude, John, who’s also from Adelaide. I tell him we want to get Tony Modra tattoos and he tells us he lived with Shaun Rehn for five years. How good was Shaun Rehn.

2.00am: Go to bed still tripping balls but manage to get to sleep quickly somehow.

10.00am: Wake up and feel peachy – didn’t drink (alcohol) much last night. Dave on the other hand spews up from his hangover for the first time in years he reckons. We walk down the street to get a freshly squeezed juice.

10.45am: We decide to grab a cab to Herradurra Beach, one of the better known surf spots in Lima proper. Dave’s bringing his DSLR camera and I’m excited because I’m a slut for surf photos. We get there and it’s small and fat, but I still paddle out for a half an hour while the boys play on the rocks.

2.00pm: Apparently sweet Chinese restaurants abound in these parts, so we leg it to the main strip of Miraflores and find one. It’s so cheap I get the feeling my meal’s gonna be tiny so I order a soup too. Both are massive and I don’t finish either one.

6.30pm: My South African mate Shaggy that I met in Mexico in 2009 happens to be in Lima also (he’s covering the Arica Challenge bodyboarding competition for Movement Magazine), so he rolls around to the hostel for acouple hours. We eat vegetarian pasta and snack packs.

8.45pm: I bid my sad goodbyes to the boys, and get in a taxi headed for the bus station, alone. My destination is the city of Trujillo in central/north Peru, which is in close proximity to the left-hand points Chicama and Pacasmayo (the former is regarded by many as the world’s longest wave).

*More updates from my hammock when I can be bothered.



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6 responses to “Lima

  1. dfiend

    ya best blog to date IMHO brosef. keep em comin you glitzy motherfucker.

  2. Ah, Rehn. I met him when I was, like, 6. I think I came up to his knees. Speaking of which, if he didn’t keep injuring himself he’d have been the most epic ruckman ever.

  3. Sofía

    I’ll say it again: I love your entries! 😛

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