Another day in paradise

27 days I think I’ve been here. This is the longest I have stayed in one place on my trip by far. The waves have still been on the small side the past few days so I’ve been meaning to finally write a decent post about the town (Lobitos, north Peru). I haven’t written shit. In fact I haven’t done a lot of things since I’ve been here. These things include showering (last wash was 29 days ago), drinking alcohol (last beer was 31 days ago) and wanking. I’ve decided I’m gonna wait for the next swell to hit here (in a few days time), then bail to Ecuador when the waves drop off – probably towards the end of next week. I’m going to start writing something about this place tomorrow, in the meantime here’s some stuff that happened today to tie you over:

Woke up super early ‘cos the surf camp owner’s Peruvian hairless dog, Chola, climbed into my tent (pictured above) and started licking her wounds and naughty parts on my bed. She looks kinda weird and her skin feels like I’d imagine an elephant’s skin to feel but she’s really grown on me after a month. We are good pals.Went for a surf out next to the jetty in front of the camp. It usually needs to be bigger but the banks were good today for some reason. Got some fun glassy barrels with my Californian mate Eric, then came in and we walked down the road to our local breakfast haunt (it’s a family’s house, but they’ve converted the front into a shop/restaurant thing). I got a plate with three eggs, three bread rolls and a coffee for 6.50 soles (a little over two bucks). We headed out to the jetty for another surf mid-morning with a bunch of crew from the surf camp and the waves were dredgy and fun again. The photographer from camp, Ferruco, paddled out just before the wind turned onshore and snapped a pic of me doing a floater.

Me, Sofia, Eric and a dude from Switzerland. Happy. Higgins photo.

At about 1pm we headed across the road to where our Uruguyan friends were staying. I met Salva and his girlfriend Sofia in Iquique, Chile, in April (I think?) and we reunited in Lobitos a week or two ago. They were leaving today and had a bunch of food they needed to get rid of so they cooked us rice, vegetables and lentils on the fire. We talked shit and sipped homemade soy milk and ate banana cake we bought from the aforementioned store/restaurant/house place. We said our goodbyes and they gave me and Eric rocks in the shape of love-hearts they’d found as parting gifts. They are really really good people.

It’s easy to lose track of time here, especially since I haven’t looked at a clock in close to a month. I’m not sure what I spent the next few hours doing but I remember eating a chocolate bar and some banana sandwiches. Other than that I can’t remember? I ended up going for a third surf out at the jetty but I was a bit worn out and didn’t last long. Then we all sat on the balcony and watched the sunset (I swear it gets better everyday). I had rice and vegetables for dinner, then bought two mini homemade pizzas from another couple who lives next door. Now I’m typing this pointless little post to let people know I’m still alive. I’ll go to bed in about 10 minutes. It’s 8.10pm my mate Higgins just told me.



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4 responses to “Another day in paradise

  1. bud washington

    Ohhhh yeahhhhhhhh dont ya just love chocolate hahahahahahahaha yer i know i do hahahahaha… terrific blog jake it keeps me smiling everytime you do a new post. well i gota go do some washing but keep it up sunshine. ps. keep up them good floaters hahahahahaha oh yeh

  2. This was a good one brotha. Your writing skills ain’t to shabby =)

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