Photo of the week

Photo of the week - what I want some more of, moody Montanita beachie, Ecuador. Couple days ago.

THE SURF is super lame right now so the boys and I have been chillaxing to the absolute max the past few days. I’ve got that much time on my hands I’ve decided to implement a new weekly post on the blog. If you haven’t gathered from this post’s title it’s called ‘Photo of the week’ and if you’re not a massive idiot then you’d realise once a week I’ll be putting up a photo up on the site I’ve deemed to be worthy for your eyes. I guess most of the time it’ll be a photo of something pretty or something cool or funny which happened that week, but occasionally if it’s a slow newsweek I’ll maybe just put up a pic of some shit from my former travels. I don’t care it’s my blog I’ll do what I want. Ya dickhead. I guess it’s Friday in Oz right now, so yeah, I’ll put up a new picture every Friday. More stuff click here >

Also, you might’ve seen the little video I uploaded a few days ago of me bodyboarding and trying to surf. My mate Stubsy has gone and edited a funny video of him surfing, eating a burger and some other stuff. The footage was compiled from a handful of smaller sessions we got to film before his video camera broke. Try keep an eye out for the love-heart cutaway technique he employs in the clip. Timeless filmmaking. Stubs plays in a punk band, likes saying the word ‘classic’ heaps and it’s funny ‘cos everyone pays him out about being fat when he’s not really fat. But don’t tell him he’s not fat.

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A photo of Stubs when he got sunburnt in Peru.



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3 responses to “Photo of the week

  1. brilliant photo! I also would love a bit of that. Although pretty flat here in the UK. Does Ecuador get busy in the water? please check out my page for surf news and guides, Have a great day

    • Hey mate, I’ve been here maybe five days and it was only really decent one day. I went out super early, low tide and those things coupled with the fact it was a Sunday morning (I’m in Montanita, a known party town, so I’d imagine everyone was too hungover to surf), meant that I got fun waves to myself. The main point here can get crowded but there are a few beachies where you can just walk up and down and find a decent uncrowded peak. I liked your Spain guide, will be there soon. Hope there’s some waves!

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