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I GUESS this whole Photo of the Week thing has been a bit of a shambles so far. After deciding I’d put up a new photo of something cool/interesting/funny from my travels every Friday, the second post I put up on a Thursday, while number three’s comin’ at ya on a Monday. Plus I’ve taken all of about three photos this week so it’d be fair to say I’m scraping the barrel.

This week’s pic features the main street of Santa Catalina, the cruisy surf town I’ve spent the last 10 days in. Not much going on huh? The town doesn’t have an ATM, has limited internet access and only got mobile phone coverage just over a year ago. But what it does have is good vibes and waves. The main break here is considered by some to be the best right in Central America, but even though I’ve scored a few good sizey days and the odd barrel, I haven’t seen it really pumping. The dude in the pic is Mitch, who I’ve spent the better part of the past week with. Mitch is from Newcastle and just happens to be good mates with six Newcastle lads I travelled through Mexico and Central America with for two months back in 2009. Those seven are also good mates with two Newcastle boys I spent three weeks with in Lobitos, Peru in May. If I spoke good Spanish I might’ve said, “¡Qué pequeño es el mundo!” when I met Mitch, but I don’t so I probably just said something like, “Fuck, it’s a small world. Hey c@nt?”

Surfing aside, there’s not much else to do here other than walk to the bakery or chill in the hammock. I’ve knocked off five books and about 10 movies since I arrived. Tomorrow I’ll head back to Panama City to meet two friends and start asking around about getting a boat through the San Blas Islands to Colombia. Hasta luego.

A page from a feature about the part of Panama I've been surfing, in a 2009 issue of Transworld Surf magazine. The statement kinda sums it up about this area - a car or a boat is almost a necessity to find the gems.


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