Can’t think of a cool title

I GOT off the boat in Colombia a couple days ago, cranky and in need of a good shower and rest. I had some fresh fruit, eggs and coffee and turned my computer on to find in my inbox some photos of myself bodyboarding a heavy wave in north Chile a few months ago. Then I heard that a guy had gone on the rampage in Norway, killing a bunch of people, plus Amy Winehouse was dead. Then I read a message from a mate who’s starting up a cool project soon that I wanna be a part of. Then my girlfriend sent me a message saying she’d crashed her scooter and busted up her face and ribs (she’s OK, could’ve been much worse). Then I heard Cadell Evans won the Tour De France. I don’t even like cycling but I thought that was pretty cool. Then I ate some pizza and went to sleep. I don’t think there’s anything to dissect from all that, it’s just a bunch of stuff that happened. Another day, another little bundle of events and emotions. The delicate interplay between good and bad reminded me of that Simpsons episode when Homer buys the cursed Krusty doll for Bart.

I just touched down in Medellin, where there’s this big 10-day flower festival happening from Friday. I don’t know what the big hubub is about flowers but apparently people flock here from all over for the festival and it’s basically 10 days of vicious partying. One of the first events coming up is this huge horse parade, which I’d like to think will look something like this:

Here’s those pictures of me at El Gringo in Arica, Chile, May 1st (muchos props to Carlos Donoso):

Years of only dropkneeing lefts mean this is what happens when I lie down.

Yet another bottom turn. El Gringo is one of the continent's most infamous and heavy waves. Which probably explains why I'm not in the barrel in most shots...


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