Foto de la semana

ANOTHER Friday, another photo of the week. I’ve been in Colombia a handful of days now but I’ve only taken a few photos. Most of these I snapped in Cartagena, which is touted as one of the continent’s most beautiful cities. But you don’t wanna see pictures of roads and buildings, pretty as they are. This week’s photo was taken on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i in June 2009, and features me and two-time world bodyboarding champion Jeff Hubbard.

I met the dude, who adorned my walls on a bunch of posters when I was a grom, in the island’s airport. I was looking for a cheap way to get to Princeville in north Kaua’i (taxis to get there are about 100 bucks or something stupid) when I spied the famous Hawaiian waterman waiting at the curb. After I plucked up the courage to introduce  myself and have a chat, he told me his old man was heading to Princeville for work that very hour, and I should come round to the family home to get a ride with him. Ten minutes later I was at the Hubbard house, where Jeff’s lovely mum brought me out a plate of hot buttered English muffins and a bottle of water for the ride north with old man Hubbard. What a man! What a family! What a way to start what was the final installment of my year-long trip. I made it safe and sound to the north where I stayed with a Swedish pal of mine and spent the next 10 days surfing, seeing the sights and just straight hangin’ out, before heading back to Adelaide.

The big flower festival (I’ll explain more when I know more) starts tonight in Medellin so I’m heading out to the opening concert for a few beers with my mate Arlen who’s been living here since December, and another mate from home. I’ll be doing so pantsless by the looks – I just pulled out my jeans from my boardbag for the first time in about nine weeks and they’re covered in green mould. Classic. See you in the funny pages.

Click here to see last week’s (well a fortnight ago’s) Photo of the Week.

P.S. Here’s a cool vid of Jeff in characteristic form:


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