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I’M LACKING in the recently-taken photo department yet again, so here’s another one from the vault. This was taken on the patio of the bar/restaurant I worked at for seven months in Whistler, Canada, minutes after the country’s ice hockey team took out the gold medal at the Winter Olympics (Feb 2010). What made the win even more special was it was during Canada’s turn to host the Olympics, the match took place just a couple of hours away in Vancouver and they beat arch-rivals the USA. The match was a fucking nail-biter. Myself and most of the crew in the photo were all still on the clock at that stage. Our legend boss Kevin (the dude in red with the white cap going mad up the back left) shut down the kitchen towards the end of the game and us kitchen boys sunk a few beers while watching national hero Sidney Crosby score the game-winner seven minutes into overtime. The vibe and emotion in that restaurant when the puck hit the net was insane. I was almost choking up and I’m not even Canadian.

Those seven months or so living in the mountains in Canada were some of the best times of my life, thanks in part, to the crew I worked with. I was going to refrain from pointing out the ratio of hot babes in the photo because my girlfriend says I’m always blogging about other chicks, but it’s done now. Sorry babe. I’ll always live close to the coast, but snowboarding captured a little piece of my heart in 2009/10. I think the only thing which elevates riding a bodyboard/surfboard above snowboarding is being able to sit in a deep round tube. But riding deep powder on a snowboard comes a close second. Dangerously close. I’m thinking a New Zealand ski trip could be on the cards in 2012 if anyone’s keen? Here’s some more Canada pics:

P.S. Click here to see last week’s Photo of the Week.

P.P.S. FearInEnglish will be out of action again this week. I’m heading to Colombia’s most popular national park today, where’ll I’m spending the next week in a hammock and possibly surfing 1-2ft waves if I’m lucky. No internet. Peash.

Beautiful landscape if you can avert your eyes from the red glove/beanie combo.

My house near Whistler, British Columbia. A bit different to my place in South Oz.

Disrespecting the Olympic torch.

Contemplating how shit I am at snowboarding?




Maybe one of the biggest airs I've done on anything. Which isn't saying much if you've seen good snowboarders ripping apart a park somewhere.

Best housemates.

Even managed to get a few waves in Canada, which was a spin. Tofino A-frame.

My ride.



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6 responses to “Photo of the week

  1. luv your photos especially the olympic bong

  2. these picutres are fantastic, i am so jealous of your trip. the photo of you catching the air is AWESOME!

    • Thanks! Digging your site also. Where was your favourite place in Spain? I’m heading there for a month in a couple of weeks. Let me know if you make it back to Oz, you should come visit in Adelaide! x

  3. hey, i just stumbled across your blog and your travels sound pretty awesome. and im digging the beanie! 🙂

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