Colombia, where the bloody hell are ya?

Here's a little teaser.

I JUST got back from a six-day surfing trip in Colombia. Yeah, that’s right, there are waves in Colombia. The country’s Caribbean coast is fickle at the best of times but especially this time of year so I was extremely lucky to time my stay with four days in a row of glassy 2-3ft barrels. I borrowed a mate’s waterproof camera and took a bunch of snaps, which turned out pretty sweet. I also borrowed the owner’s waterproof camera at one stage, lost it, then found it washed up on the shore by accident almost an hour later. I’m writing a more detailed piece as we speak for some other crew so I’ll let you know where you can read that soon, and unfortunately you’re going to have to wait for the pics. Computer battery going flat. Hasta luego.


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