Photo of the week

The view from probably one of the best hotels in the world, Aqua Luna, Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

IT’S that time again – my once-a-week post with no literary value or apparent point to it, other than to make it appear as if I’m constantly updating this site with fresh content. This week’s visual was taken sometime in August or September 2009 in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. It of course features a wave breaking at the infamous Playa Zicatela – commonly known as ‘Mexican Pipeline’ – one of the world’s heaviest beachbreaks. I spent a month there in 2009 with my mate Stubs and scored some of the best waves of my life, despite spending close to half of the month out of the water first with infected toes, then with a chunk of glass in my foot. I met some amazing people, pulled into some bueno tubes and became infatuated with a beautiful Mexican woman, only to fall into the dreaded ‘friend-zone’, garnering no more than a few hugs and a night of passionate spooning from the lusty temptress. If you’re into bodyboarding, check out this link to watch the final rounds/finals of the Zicatela Pro, currently underway and featuring the world’s best lids. It should be a cracker.

Not far from Zicatela is Playa Colorada, another perfect bodyboarding wave. Pic: Kiril.

Yours truly, Colorada.

My 23rd birthday we got on stage at a sketchy local strip joint in between performances, to the disapproving stares of the local dudes.

Viva Mexico!


Me and Kiril, one of Israel's top bodyboarders, and a Zicatela sunset.

Round 3 highlights from the Zicatela Pro:


Oh, hey!

Classic gag fellas.

Kiril and I at the bar.

Here’s a vid of some of the Quiksilver guys ripping during period we were in town. They were there for the annual WQS comp and were all pretty nice dudes. Suss Gabriel Villaran’s (Peru) tube at 0.37seconds – I’m 95 per cent sure I was paddling on the shoulder looking in at him in the barrel on this one. Macking.



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