Photo of the week

SO, like, here is this week’s photo of the week and shit and stuff. It features the Flowrider stationary wave machine in San Diego, California – probably one of the funnest things I’ve had the pleasure of riding (although it doesn’t compare to pulling into a real barrel). Stubsy and I had a crack at it for about an hour in August 2009 and we were two very sore little boys the next day. It was fucking hard to ride. Stubsy was on a standup and couldn’t quite get the hang of it, while I took to it on a lid – making it out of one tube and getting up dropknee for a few barrels too. I’m surprised all of our bones were intact afterward, going over the falls on one of these things is super fun but pretty darn dangerous. We drove to San Diego from West Hollywood the day before, with Stubsy crashing our rental car not once but twice – one time was into the back of a mini-van driven by a super-hot soccer mum. We’d both fallen asleep and woke up right up the back of her (wink wink). That night I went straight to bed after a Taco Bell feed because I was coming off a bender, while Stubsy went out solo and from memory got a kiss or two from some older bird at the bar. Classic. Turns out there’s also a Flowrider in Santiago, Chile, but we only found this out after we left the city in April. Drats.

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3 responses to “Photo of the week

  1. a flow rider in santiago!! dammittttt

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