Fort Europa

THIS will be my last post from South America. That’s right folks FearInEnglish is changing continents tomorrow, trading the Latino heat for the cold and castles of Europe. But don’t fear, I’ll still be here doing my thing. Despite the fact I’m reuniting with my girlfriend (it’s been a long six months), I’ll still be looking for barrels – maybe not all the time babe – and documenting my travels with what the New York Times describes* as “a powerful new voice in the travel blogosphere…a literary tour de force.”

I touch down in Barcelona at about 3pm Tuesday, spending a month in Spain, then it’s off to Morocco and Portugal for the majority of our three-and-a-bit month stint. Little trips to France, Berlin, Amsterdam and London are potential stops before we head home in December.

Dave and I about to go for our first dive. Photo taken with Indiegram (this cool new app which makes everything look like it's from the 1920s.)

I haven’t been doing much of late, save for a week of good waves on the Caribbean coast. I attempted to get my Open Water scuba diving certification in a touristy little town called Taganga but had a little panic attack on my second dive and started hyperventilating when I was only 10 or so metres deep. That was it for me, I elected to call it quits figuring I belong on top of the water not at the bottom of the soup where my claustrophobia was a constant nuisance. I still got to see some spectacular fish and reef and whatnot pre-freakout so it wasn’t a complete loss. I went to a sweet gig here in Medellin the other night with a couple of mates back home, featuring this Colombian/Cuban-influenced band headed by a charismatic grandma, which was pretty rad. Other than that I’ve been eating pizza and getting fat. I watched online the IBA world bodyboarding tour contest in Mexico last week and currently I’m lounging around with my computer scoping the WCT contest in Tahiti. Not all travel is glamorous, but I promise you some literary gold nuggets in the coming weeks.

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* The New York Times may not have said this and may or may not know this blog even exists.


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