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Damn. Picture courtesy of Joan at:

THIS week’s photo of the week is a snap I came across on the interweb featuring the beach five minutes down the road from my hotel room in Barcelona. Yep, apparently one of Europe’s best cities has waves (check out this site for proof). Sadly, the babe and I have timed our stay with the tail-end of summer so there are masses of bronzed tourists on the beach and no swell – check the picture I snapped below to see what it looks like today. So what insights and thoughts do I have after my first nibble on the bountiful Euro pie? It’s too early to tell. But so far it’s been pretty good times (apart from Air Europa losing my bag with everything I own in it – I got it back a half hour ago, three days after I arrived). I met up with the babe after six long months, caught up with some friends from Adelaide for food and booze times, and walked around to see a few of the sights, including the daunting Sagrada Familia – the famous giant medieval gothic cathedral thing that looks like it’s been thrown together with faeces, which has been under construction for over 100 years (still being finished). I’ve been hanging out with a bunch of girls which has been a nice change to the constant farting and dropping of c-bombs so prevalent in conversations with da boyz, but I’ll get my hombre fix in the next few days when I catch up with mates from back home. Next stop is San Sebastian then somewhere with decent waves hopefully. Must go, tapas, beers and a free walking tour of the city awaits. Talk soon. Bye and stuff.

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Ahorita - right now in Barcelona.

Beauty or monstrosity? Sagrada Familia.


If only...another Barcelona grinder. Pic courtesy of Joan at


Australian crime show I saw on Spanish cable. International props to Maggie Doyle.

They call her Mildred.




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5 responses to “Photo of the week

  1. tops dude, got a mate from Spain that i am having dinner with tonight. she is gonna love this blog! hope your killin it xx

  2. Good to hear you got your luggage…

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