Stay foolish

Drinks that coincided with my birthday with the babe in Barcelona.

PIXAR, the animation studio that brought you such greats as Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles turned 25 this year, as did I yesterday. A quarter of a century, WOW. Pixar’s former chief executive and Apple guy Steve Jobs’ speech at somewhere (I dunno where, the title of the article isn’t clear) in 2005 still rings true – ‘you’ve got to find what you love’. I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, but I want it to involve animals and the environment. I’m probably going back to uni next year to follow that path. This means I’ll be a broke-ass student for three years (travel will take a backseat and will probably only constitute an Oz roadtrip and a 3-4 week overseas jaunt once a year). I could easily get a half-decent job somewhere without all the hassle of exams and stupid essays, but hey, what can ya do. As Jobs says, ‘stay foolish’. My good friend Dave is another example of this. I’ve been traveling with him for a good while and he’s currently in Colombia hanging out with another friend of mine from back home. He heads to Europe in a few weeks, spending a month here then he stops by Egypt and India for a few weeks on the way home (jealous?). He’s heading home earlier than he’d planned because he has to be back in time for a drum audition thingy to get accepted into his music degree at university. He realises that his choice of study is fraught with uncertainty – he’s not even sure what job he’ll get out of it – but he’s doing what he loves. And, like Steve Jobs’ story, I think the foolish path is the right one.

I actual hate birthdays. Well, more accurately I don’t care about them whatsoever. Hate is a strong word. I never had an 18th or 21st birthday party. Birthdays are just another day. I would find it embarrassing to broadcast the date of my birth to others in the fashion I see others doing it, “guys, it’s my birthday on Saturday so you all have to drop what you’re doing to come to this lame thing I’ve got planned ‘cos it’s my big day!”. It’s pretty standard for most but I would just feel weird saying that stuff. I am weird. Here’s some things related to my birthday (once again, 25? I am getting old):

The year I was born:

  • Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, Crocodile Dundee, Aliens, Platoon and Top Gun were showing at the cinemas.
  • Hawthorn beat Carlton in the VFL Grand Final – one of four premierships they claimed in the 80s (from seven consecutive Grand Final appearances).
  • Some white goofy-looking guy called Larry Bird led the Boston Celtics to their third consecutive NBA Championship.
  • A big African-American lady named Oprah Winfrey appeared on television for the first time.
  • A nuclear reactor in Chernobyl, Ukraine spewed up its guts, contaminating thousands for years to come.
  • The first PC virus started to spread.
  • Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated 73 seconds after launch, killing the crew of seven astronauts.
  • Argentina defeated West Germany in the FIFA World Cup in Mexico.
  • John Farnham released his album Whispering Jack, which became the highest-selling album in Australian history.
  • Mike Tyson won his first world boxing title by defeating Trevor Berbick in Las Vegas.

On my birthday in:

  • 1789 – The French National Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, proclaiming that “men are born and remain free and equal in rights”
  • 1896 – the Anglo-Zanzibar War happened between the UK and Zanzibar – the shortest war in world history (09:00 to 09:45)
  • 1859: Petroleum was discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania leading to the world’s first commercially successful oil well
  • 1928 – The Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawing war was signed by the first 15 nations to do so. Ultimately sixty-one nations signed it (doesn’t seem to have made any difference)
  • 1939 – The turbojet-powered Heinkel He 178 – the world’s first jet aircraft – made its first flight
  • 1916 – Romania declared war against Austria-Hungary, entering World War I as one of the Allied nations
  • 1962 – Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was assassinated on his way home from the movies
  • 1990 – Guru blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter crash
  • 2003 – Mars (my homeland) made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years, passing 34,646,418 miles (55,758,005 km) distant

Oh hey Barbara.

I share my birthday with:

  • Australian cricket legend Sir Donald Bradman (plus pacer Andy Bichel and a bunch of other lesser-named cricketers)
  • Movie star and famous masturbator Pee Wee Herman
  • Smoking hot Bond girl Barbara Bach
  • The chick that played Eliot in US TV show Scrubs
  • One of the dudes from radical band Arcade Fire
  • Australian Formula One hope Mark Webber
  • Felix Da Housecat
  • A dead queen of Denmark and a queen of Italy
  • A disconcerting amount of famous wrestlers for some reason
  • A Nobel Prize-winning chemist from Germany
  • Depraved US serial killer Ed Gein
  • US president Lyndon Johnson as well as two US vice-presidents
  • My good mate Matty Tucker

Other fun facts:

  • apparently the human body is fully-developed at the age of 25, which means I’m now a fully-fledged humanoid
  • I am now legally allowed to drink alcohol in India (the legal drinking age there is 25 – the oldest/lamest in the world)


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2 responses to “Stay foolish

  1. well, first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY jake! i’m sure, seeing as you’re on a hectic year-long globe trot, that it was a good one. how could it not be.
    and you have it right, do you what you love. i actually just listened to that on ted talks the other day, it was his commencement speech back in ’06 to Stanford (i wrote about it on my blog a few days ago, crazy.)
    you are one of the rarest of people that i know in my life right now that is doing exactly what they love. so keep being all inspiring and shit. ha.

    and YES, definitely hit me up with some interview questions. i’d be honored to be a part of any sort of rad project you have brewing.

    stay well.

    • Thanks Dani! Yes I had a radical night in Barcelona and spent way too much money but meh. I’ll flick you a few questions via Creepbook soon when I get a chance, I’m struggling to get on the computer much at the moment which is probably a good thing! x

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