Photo of the week

PHOTO of the week time and this one features a classic gag by the babe and our other Adelaide traveling buddy Nicola in the neighbouring town to our where our little Spanish apartment lies. Yep that’s right, the town is called Poo. If you don’t think that’s heaps funny then there’s something a little bit wrong with you. We spotted the place on the street map the tourist office gave us when we arrived here in Llanes (north coast) and just had to make the five-minute drive there to snap one off (a photo) next to the sign.

Llanes is a pretty little town of about 5000 peeps – super green and lush and Ireland-looking. We timed our stay with a festival I’m still not 100 per cent sure what about (something to do with virgins I think?) but it’s pretty cool seeing all the locals dressed up and parading the streets with loud-as-fuck marching bands, shooting off fireworks and shit like it aint no thang. The town is well-known for it’s cider and this bean stew concoction but it also features a pretty nice wedging beachbreak about 10 minutes away which is pretty handy. I surfed it the past few days scoring some splendid ramps and some nice beatdowns too. We’re driving back east tomorrow morning to drop the car off in San Sebastian, then it’s on to Hossegor, France. Apparently there’s a nice beachbreak there too…I’ve got a French mate Ludovic who lives there and he sent me this message this week:

hey bro! when will you come hossegor? forcast are looking good for friday, sunday, monday!!! Yesteday i had 4-6 footer spiting on my own for 3 hours, come on!!
 i also have back up board for you!  come and visit me!

Wow. Excited is an understatement. Check the vid below for some Hossegor lovin’ and under that is some more pics from this leg of my trip if you’re into that sorta thing. Props to Nicola for a bunch of the photos 🙂

Aka Wedge-town

Llanes festival.

Poo Beach.

Vicco dude Justin floating at Andrin.

"Mmm dear look at that wedge!"

Poster on a San Sebastian window advertising some TV company. Kid has some solid lid steeze.

Me and Mildred.



Local cider merchant, sweating bricks.



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4 responses to “Photo of the week

  1. Norbit Leighman

    a 4-6 footer ay spitting on her own, jeez she sounds like a good type, do u rekn shed be up for a gangy

  2. dani kreeft

    i can’t get over this. i definitely would have stopped and snapped the EXACT same photo. bravo, mate.

  3. oi Poo is a secret spot… no exposure! haha damn I miss Spain!

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