Photo of the week – hitting the brakes

IT’S been a pretty cruisy week. The babe and I have been down in the south of Spain, staying at the house of relatives of her stepdad. The house is in a tranquilo town of about 7000 peeps, where old people sit out on chairs on the footpaths in front of their homes, watching the dying afternoon sun fade to deep purple then black. It’s really cool, the padres of the family – Pepa and Rafael – don’t speak any English so my Spanish is getting a workout and improving considerably. We’ve been eating home-cooked tortillas, doing day-trips to cool little pueblos during the day and sipping on G & Ts con limon to pass the evening hours. We’re currently in Granada, home of the striking Alhambra (a huge palace and fortress complex built in the mid-14th century for the Muslim rulers of the time). The place is this week’s photo of the week y’all.

It’s good to slow down every now and then and not feel as if you be somewhere different everyday, doing some sort of activity or overhyped attraction (not that Alhambra was overhyped, although for a lot of it apart from the palatial sections I couldn’t stop thinking about pulling into one of these:

One of the main benefits of hitting the brakes and toning it down a few notches while on the road is you get a lot of time to think. With my trip seven-ninths of the way through, a lot of the thoughts bouncing around my head have centred on what the fark I’m going to do with myself when I get home. Unlike the last big trip I did (June 09 to July last year) this time I’m excited about the prospect of returning to the homestead. It’ll be the start of summer, when the festival-circuit awakes from its winter hibernation, a bunch of mates who have been traveling for ages will all be home at the same time, and I won’t have the gnawing pressure of having to scrounge every penny because I won’t have another imminent overseas journey waiting in the wings.

I can’t tell you what I’ll be doing come January and that’s exciting. Last week I applied for entry to start my second degree at uni, studying environmental science, but I still have plenty of time to bail out on that should a cool journalism-type job come up before the semester starts. There’s also the light bulb hovering around my head telling me that moving to Port Elliot for a year to surf everyday and write a novel is a pretty darn good idea too. Then there’s the question of what job should I get over summer, what car should I buy as soon as I get home (I sold my beautiful Subie wagon last year to get to Hawaii – no regrets there) and when I should move out of the nest and start renting a cool pad near the beach (complete with a mini-ramp, vegie patch and a couple of chooks of course).

I used to stress about what the hell to do with my life and think there was only one ‘right’ choice but I’m starting to see that there’s plenty of time for everything. I could have my second degree by the time I’m 28 and try to get my foot in the door of the booming environmental industry soon after. I can take a year off before, during or after to live the simple life down south, honing my bodyboarding skills at a fun wedge every day and completing a novel – a massive achievement in itself even if no one decides to publish it (let’s face it, chances are slim). If I don’t enjoy the enviro thing I’ll drop it and try something else. I’ll always be able to put a roof over my head and find a way down the coast to get some waves and every spare penny I save along the way I’ll put towards roadtrips around Oz (the best country on Earth I’ve realised) and a yearly 3 or 4-week overseas trip.

Pondering life while eating a massive bagel.

Anyways, just a quick post to tell you things are good and my keyboard is working for the time being (see my last post). I’m off to Morocco in a few days so stay tuned for FearInEnglish’s first posts from the African continent.

P.S. A whopping big happy birthday to Mildred, 25 years young and never been kissed.




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4 responses to “Photo of the week – hitting the brakes

  1. Dan e

    Happy birthday mildred

  2. dani kreeft

    the thought of you being in Africa gets me stoked, welcome to where i returned to five years in a row. that continent will nab you, i’m telling you right now, dude. can’t wait for the tales. and happy birthday mildred! xo.

    • Mildred says thanks! Yeah it’s definitely a different world down here. Would like to do some travel down the bottom of Africa at some stage in the next couple of years, youre gonna have to help me a bit with planning it I think!

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