First impressions

SO FAR Morocco has been: more sketchy than South America, the sound of prayers being played through the speakers of mosques throughout the city simultaneously throughout sending scores of birds dashing through the sky, tajines and cous-cous (Morocco food is epic), dryness, heat, dust, claustrophobic maze-like labyrinths of medinas (old towns, medieval old), the jarring stops of Arabic and the soothing flow of French, old men who aren’t very fond of homosexuality walking the streets holding hands with their buddies, cats roaming the streets but very few dogs, the thick scent of hasish drifting from corners and crannies unseen, more rorters than you can shake a stick at (try more persistent annoying folk hawking their wares than that of Bali or South America but without the jokey funny-guy demeanour), beautiful mosaics everywhere (every wall and floor should have mosaics I’ve decided), and classic animal abuse (I saw one dying sheep being tied to some guys roof racks, and two minutes later I saw a dude pull open the under-carriage door of a bus to reveal a lamb in its stinking hot confines. I’m sorry I don’t have anything more to give you, I’m still trying to work this place out. It’s been an eye-opener going from the wealth and glitz of Europe to…here. Africa. Islam. Yesterday we got accosted and cornered by two aggressive drug dealers, demanding money from us in a cramped tacky restaurant, their faces turning from welcoming smiles to twisted snarls. A couple of other shitty things, though not as dangerous or interesting (I won’t bore you) happened during our first couple of days which has been a bit of a bummer but with three weeks to go in Morocco, things can only get better. Bad shit happens in threes, so the saying goes (sorta). We’re holed up in a sweet little pad in a pretty place called Chefchaouen, in the country’s north. Waiting in the south for me is some Moroccan juice, like this:

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2 responses to “First impressions

  1. Will be following your Moroccan stint with interest – planning a visit there next year – hope you score a swell or two…

    • Cheers mate, yeah will probably get down to the waves in four or five days, just trying to work out whether to go the surf camp route or rent a car/our own place. Will let you know how it goes!

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