Little Moroccan bundle of joy.

MOROCCO is littered with cats. It’s paw-satively brimming with them. You might say it’s the purr-fect destination for a connoisseur of fine felines. Classic gags. No but seriously I’ve never seen so many cats in my life; you can’t walk five metres in any town here without spotting 47 of the little fuckers in every shape and size imaginable. What’s even more bizarre is the nation’s lack of dogs. Many of the poorer countries I’ve visited on my travels have had problems with stray dogs. Indo immediately springs to mind, as do a bunch of South American countries. But in Morocco, dogs are an extreme minority. In fact in the first four days I spent here, I saw four dogs (that’s one a day for all you statistics nuts) – one of which we watched dying via violent seizures over breakfast one morning (jokes aside, this was one of the saddest most disturbing things I’ve ever seen). Compare that to the 47,656 cats I saw during the same time period and you get an idea of what we’re dealing with.

I asked a local restaurateur the reason for the gigantic discrepancy in populations and he told me the answer was in the Koran. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about due to the language barrier so I did some journalistic sleuthing (Googled it) and the trendy Arab’s comment was confirmed, “The cat holds a special place in Islam. Arabs in the 7th century believed that the cat was pure spirited. Pre-Islamic Arabs are said to have worshiped a Golden Cat. It is also said that the prophet Mohammad had a deep love for cats which led to their historical acceptance and reverence among Muslims.” (from this guy’s blog, has some rad Morocco cat photos). So there you have it, just a handy little nugget of information for you all on a cheery Thursday morning. Feel free to throw it into conversation with your colleagues around the water cooler, to positively wow them with your meaty knowledgeable brain. For your entertainment here are some photos I snapped of my mate Dave (renowned cat person) with some friends in Latin America. Enjoy.

Mmm there’s nothing better than the smell of fresh cat in the morning. Dave on a lazy Sunday, La Paloma, Uruguay.

Dave and friend, bung-eyed fiesta times at Carnivale. La Pedrera, Uruguay.

You just can’t take this guy anywhere. Dave sneaking a buddy on to the bus, somewhere in rural Argentina.

Dave wearing his patented “cuddling gloves” on a chilly morning in Cuzco, Peru.

“Cats are people too,” Dave Phillips, Pichilemu, Chile 2011.

No library is complete without a comprehensive book on cats. Dave study session with friend, Panama.

Oh you!

Fresh off the bus in Medellin, Colombia and straight into the arms of a waiting tabby.

This is our friend Mariana’s apartment we stayed at in Santiago, Chile. I’ll give you one guess which bed is Dave’s.



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7 responses to “Cats

  1. oh man, you should have waited, there’s more tubular cat snaps for their viewing pleasure, from Galapogas, Bolivia and at least one Euro cat.
    Note: none of the above photos were setup, that’s just how I roll.
    Cool, catchyas!

    • Ha yeah it was a slow newsweek I had to put something up. It is insane how many cats are actually here, it’s stupid, you would be rolling around in the dirt with them all day.

  2. he sure is interested in cats.

  3. daves always been a PUSSY lover

  4. daws

    When it comes to cats, Dave always makes a fe-line…

  5. Potts

    the delivery on that was purrrr-fect.
    that punn was definitely the cat’s meow.

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