MY week of surfing in Morocco is coming to an end, the wetsuit is slowly drying outside my window, my board leans against the wall waiting to be packed into my bag. It’s pretty safe to say I was skunked for surf during my first visit to Africa. I didn’t ride a wave over 2ft and I only pulled into two tiny tubes on the knee, both of which I didn’t make it out. One of the funnest sessions I’ve had was with the babe, standing up tandem on an 8ft foam surfboard. It was always going to be a gamble rocking up a little early in the season and hoping to score, especially since I didn’t research Moroccan waves whatsoever before I rocked up here in Taghazout in the country’s south. If my brain was screwed on properly I would’ve found out there were some better bodyboarding waves further north, near Casablanca and Rabat. If I had any sense I would’ve maybe visited Morocco in November instead to maximise my chances of scoring. And if I wasnt a complete dumbass I may have been checking the swell on the daily, only jumping coastal when I knew there would be waves. But hey, coulda, shoulda, woulda. Next stop is the Sahara Desert for a few days. I skipped the Amazon a few months ago, so this should make up for my world wonder street cred. Catcha.

This week at one of Morocco's marquee waves. The day the interweb said Anchor Point would be five foot, in reality it was flat. So technically a few days later it should've been minus 3-foot?

Me on a bomb.

The babe getting amongst it.

Trying to turn.

Spinning to win.

Some dude trying to steal my thunder.

Trying in vain to get out of the water.

Pretty Taghazout.

What it looks like when there’s actually swell…



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3 responses to “Skunked

  1. Bummer mate… better luck next time. Although conditions looked clean (at least)…

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