Lisbon & Sintra

A castle thing. Europe is chock-full of them you know. We went to this one (Pena National Palace) in Sintra, Portugal and I took a photo of it (the one I'm captioning right now).

FEARINENGLISH is back on European soil folks. After what some might call a whirlwind three weeks in Morocco we jumped on a plane from Marrakesh on Wednesday, stopping in Madrid for a few boring hours before landing in Lisbon, Portugal, sans-passport stamp of course (damn you Schengen Agreement). We’ve had the classic tourist shoes on the past few days, walking around with our heads upturned bumping into stuff and taking heaps of photos of things. We went to what I read is the oldest bookstore in the world (I bought a Rudyard Kipling novel), strolled through an epic flea market, had some beers on a big hill overlooking the city with a cool local bodyboarder and went to check out a couple of films at the city’s annual documentary festival (one was about the Rwandan genocide, the other was about the death penalty in America, both films were good). Today we caught a train to nearby Sintra, home to some beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed castles and palaces and junk, as well as one of the world bodyboarding tour’s annual events. Tomorrow we’re off to meet my friend Dan (of Premier Mousse fame) and another Adelaide fella who’s currently living in Europe, to scour the coast for waves. Take a look at some highlights from last week’s WCT surfing comp, which was held just north of here, and you’ll see why I’m so excited I may just wee my pants.

Hectic Lisbon mural.

Anyways, it’s been a good few days and I can safely say Lisbon is one of my favourite European cities (I’ve now been to, like, six?). Nah, but seriously it’s pretty rad, beautiful and laidback. And the people are nice (one old lady let me go in front of her in the line at the supermarket and then swiped her discount card for me so I’d save 30 cents). After the culture shocks I experienced in Morocco aka the third world, and returning to Europe-land where people are having a pretty rough time with economic woes of their own, I’m starting to realise how lucky I actually am to be doing what I’m doing. I’ll write more about this soon, but for now enjoy some pictures. And remember if you wanna be the first to know whether the surf pumps this week or whether we get skunked dismally a la Morocco-styles, chuck your email into the thing on the right of the page and subscribe the shit out of this site. Au revoir.

Some chairs we found.

A couple of real winners.

For some more Portugese inspiration check out: this guy’s radical blog, and another guy’s video below. Wow.



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6 responses to “Lisbon & Sintra

  1. This post doesn’t help my homesickness. I love my city. Great you’re both loving it too!

  2. Thanks for the plug man. 🙂

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