Shit got fun.

SORRY sports fans for the lack of updates this week. Internet access has been scarce since last Saturday but now I’m holed up in a flashy hotel room with WiFi and cable TV, so not only am I super comfortable and frothing out, I’m ready to update the shit out of ya. We arrived in Ericeira last Sunday after a big night on the sauce in Lisbon, hoping to score some Portugese juice. The forecast wasn’t looking pretty. Not long after meeting up with two mates from back home and jumping in our zippy rented Renault, we realised the weather was going to do its best to bend us over for the majority of the week. At times it felt as if the torrential rain and gale-force winds were going to tear down our two-bedroom bungalow, but it hung in there. The waves on the other hand, did not (to begin with). Ericeira’s famed reefs were being pounded by big swells but the wind was mashing it into a heaving chaotic soup, leaving us with little option than to drive north to nearby Peniche, which was also looking worse for wear.

Long-winded uninteresting story short – we drank a buttload of beers, played cards and drove around lots, then the wind became our friend again. While we didn’t score Ericeira in the end, we did get sessions at a rad wedge (is there any better kind of wave) and some lovin’ from Supertubes (Portugal’s best wave/one of Europe’s finest). Couldn’t ask for much more (although some human stain at our hostel in Lisbon poured a bottle of water in my shoes, which at the time contained my wallet and camera = $$$ for a new one). In other news, flights are now locked in for the remainder of my trip – FearInEnglish will soon be reporting from Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Melbourne in addition to a bunch of other Portugese locales. Stay tuned.

We walked around pretty little towns.

Dan & Mildred.

Mildred and a bit of growth.

Daily drive to Peniche.

Surveying the carnage out the front of the bungalow.

Cards were played on the reg.

Gettin classic with the fellas.

The sun made a few appearances.

Dan and a tasty ramp.

Dan - classic gag.

Contrast. False advertising?

Dan, barrel.



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  1. I love Ericeira! I was there again in August, luckily with much better weather than what you had (http://supergenericgirl.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/ericeira/) and it’s still the same special little fishing village it’s always been.

    Sorry that the weather’s so crap in Portugal right now. Hopefully it’ll improve before you leave. 🙂

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