Dirty Dan (I think?) pulling in.

WHEN I was a little grom fresh on the bodyboard scene, my mates and I used to froth on disposable waterproof cameras. We could barely pull into the tube and aerials were only things you saw in videos, but we’d be in the water and when your mate was on the lens you dreamt of pulling into a heaving keg and seeing him sitting in the perfect spot with the camera pointed directly at you. In reality your mate would always be 20 metres away, holding the camera on a ridiculous angle while you scooped into a 1-ft mushburger but you still had visions of glory and cover-shots. And the anticipation after you dropped the camera off at the chemist for the film to be developed was almost too much to bear. ‘Come back in three business days,’ the heavily-made-up lady behind the counter would tell me, and exactly 72 hours later I’d hurriedly ride my bike back there to pick the photos up, often not registering the fact weekends and public holidays don’t count as business days. Not much has changed – I’m still a notorious photo-slut and I’ve started buying crappy disposable cameras again, hoping for someone to snap a turquoise-blue barrel shot of me to put up in the pool-room. The following photos were taken during a small, super-fun surf at Supertubes in Peniche, Portugal last week. I bought the camera for 30 dirhams (three Euros) at a Moroccan convenience store last month and I’d say the fare was well worth it.

Some guy.

Blurred, faded and incorporating the classic 'finger partially covering the lens trick' but you get the jist.

A nice bowly one. There's someone in there I think?

Head dip.

Me looking for a section of some sort.

This guy, like many SUPs, sucked balls, but here he is scooping into a cracker.

Old poo-man gangly arms gives it a go.

A special one reels off unridden down the beach.



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9 responses to “Disposable

  1. Sick photos! The original instagram haha

  2. Margaret

    Like the story about the Disposable Jake. I can remember some of the photos you took of your mates surfing. Love Nan

  3. This took me right back. Might have to do a post where I dig up the properly old ones of me taken on a disposable about 8-10 years ago. Classic shit, you’re so right, always 30 degree angle, pulled back, fuzzy, awful colours but worth every cent.

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  5. Wow I love these photos. Has a hipstamatic-type feel to them. Super Sick.

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