Berlin and junk

The old Berlin Wall and a pair of Reebok kicks.

I’M sitting in a kitchen in an apartment Berlin with nothing to write about. Well there’s a bunch to write about but I’m short on time – my girlfriend and another mate will be back with rations for dinner and some beers in the next 10 minutes so I gotta be quick. We’ve been here for a few days now and haven’t done a lot. We’ve had plenty of sleep because technically our bed is in an attic of sorts. You can’t stand up in the room and I’m hesitant to even call our mattress a single. But its super dark so you can’t tell what time it is, which results in wake-up times of about 11am on average (apologies if you’re reading this and are currently employed). We visited the East Side Gallery (a stretch of remains of the Berlin Wall that have been painted over), the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, a museum-y kinda place regarding the Nazis and their dirty deeds (which is appropriately situated on the former site of the Reich Security Main Office of the SS – the organisational centre of most of the Nazi regime’s heinous crimes and terror), and the Reichstag, among other touristy places. Other than that I’ve just been taming mega coffees to beat the cold, drinking longnecks here and there, and eating a bunch of sushi, which I’ve been lusting after for the past few months (Portugal, Spain, Morocco, South America etc. are lacking in the Japanese goodness).

A pretty park, Berlin somewhere. Cold as fuck.

With just over two weeks remaining on my trip, what the heck I’m going to do with myself when I get home is the dominant theme circulating through my brain right now. But this time I’m excited at the prospect of returning to the homeland, rather than anxious (last time I got home from a year-long trip I was stressing to the max and decided it’d be easier to just leave again). Much to my chagrin, I’m a list-person. I like to think of myself as spontaneous and carefree but I fucking froth on dot-points and being organised and shit. It’s an addiction and a burden I have to bear. I remember being on the plane home from Hawaii in June last year writing this fuck-off list of all the things I wanted to change in my life when I got home. A fresh start. There were token things like making sure to eat better (I’ve since become vegetarian) and saving coin, and more specific shit like learning to do big ARSs (air-roll-spins) and reverse airs on a bodyboard (this hasn’t happened), and reading more (novels especially and brushing up on current events and history to expand my tiny brain). The possibilities when I return home this time are endless, since this time I’m not going to have a ridiculous long overseas trip to save and plan for – I’ll be spending time at home, and enjoying the shit out of it. I feel another list coming on, but I think I’ll save it for the plane home in December. Until then here’s some of the stuff I wanna do when I get home. Apologies for the hackneyed writing – I’m in a rush and sorta drunk.

Holocaust memorial.

A list in the making (complete with dot-points):

  • Take up dropknee full-time: I reckon I’d dropknee about 60 per cent of the time nowadays (probably 80 percent on lefts) and I think I’m going to make the switch for good. I have more fun on the jack-stance so why not give it my full attention?

  • Build a fucking mini-ramp. Stat. I love skateboarding. I’m not very good at it but it’s the bees-knees. I think I used to be half-decent when I was a grom but since bodyboarding took over it’s been a once-a-month kinda hobby. I’m planning to move out of the nest soon and rent my own place (check for where I’m getting inspiration) and it’s fucking imperative that I build a mini-ramp out the back. I’m pretty sure I won’t leave the house and my abode will become the social gathering point of choice for my amigos.

The funnest ramp and skate session I've ever been involved in, Clare, South Australia 2010.

  • Write a goddamn novel. I’ve got three banging ideas floating around my skull that I need to put on paper. I don’t really care if no one will publish them but the thought of just finishing one I’m happy with is like heroin to me. It’s gonna be a gnarly challenge to set aside enough writing time with uni or work commitments (I haven’t decided which commitments I’m gonna have yet) but it’s going to happen.
  • Save every spare penny possible for travel. My plans for travel have changed, and like I said, the big nine to 12-month trips aren’t on the radar anymore. I want to live in Adelaide, South Australia and rent a place there for the forseeable future. What hasn’t changed is the fact travel is a top priority. If I land a decent job or go to uni I’m still going to do a big road trip somewhere or go overseas during those couple of weeks off mid-year or for a month off over Christmas. West Oz is first on the list domestically while the overseas list is always changing – India, South Africa, New Zealand etc. etc.

My list is sure to grow and become more detailed in the coming weeks. What’s on your list?


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4 responses to “Berlin and junk

  1. West Oz and Tassie are top of my domestic list, though I’m locked in over here for a while yet. OS – Reunion Island/Madagascar/SA; More pacific islands (Samoa/New Cal); South America. Closer to (current) home: France, Prague, skiing somewhere!

    A friend told me to write a novel today, about all the crazy stuff I’ve found happening around me recently. It’s a scary concept but I almost want to try it, because it would be rad to have that kind of labour of literary love…

  2. Someday, those of us who make lists all the time will save the world, hah! 🙂

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