First foray film

My favourite from the roll. Curious cats. Peniche, Portugal.

MY indie coolness street cred immediately went up a few notches in September when I bought an old camera from a flea market in Spain. The thing cost me eight Euros and apparently back in the day the Spanish-made model (Werlisa Club Color) was a household name in the country. My new pal Dylan Beach recently purchased an old camera at a flea market too, and I’ll use the disclaimer he wrote on his blog (which you can check out here), “Now I know at lot of photographers are going to look at this post and cringe and say the usual  “oh just because he has a camera doesn’t make him a photographer” or “he thinks he’s so indie because he shot a few photos of film”. I’ll surrender to those, i’m not trying to offend anyone here.” So there you go. The results were mixed but I think some of them are neat.

Dan's head and an empty one near Supertubes. Peniche, Portugal.

Jackson and Dan, en frente de Supertubos, Portugal.

Moody. Sagres, Portugal.

Back in the year my camera was made, the wall in this picture completely cut off West Berlin from surrounding East Germany and East Berlin.

A park. Berlin, Germany.

Newquay, Cornwall. England.

Newquay, England.


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2 responses to “First foray film

  1. These pictures look so old school I love them! It reminds me of Instagram or something. Definitely very Indie feeling 🙂

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