WELL that’s a wrap folks. FearInEnglish is no more, for the time being anyway. A travel blog kinda ceases to exist if you’re not traveling. To say the past nine and a half months have been epic is an understatement, and I’ve tried to channel some of this stoke through this little blog. If my posts have inspired you a tiny bit to drop everything and go on a trip somewhere or even if they’ve simply given you five minutes respite at your desk at work in between filing papers and sifting through interoffice memos, then I’m happy. I’ll keep it brief because I’m a little ball of excitement right now. I’m home on my bed (still the comfiest I’ve encountered in the whole world) my dog is playing with her ball in the other room and I’ve just written a giant list of all the shit I wanna get done this week (first up is getting a phone and number, as well as a car). The keys on my trusty travel laptop have all but given up (I’m having to copy and paste the letter p, zero, the right bracket key, and the apostrophe) so now seems as good a time as any to bow out of the blog game. But never fear my humble fans (all four of you) – I’m going to keep writing, I’m just not sure what yet (maybe a South Oz-themed bodyboarding blog?). If you subscribe to this site on the right of the page you’ll receive an email when or if I get around to doing something new. Until next time…

P.S. I’d like to thank Jetstar for leaving my bag in Melbourne and leaving me without my possessions today. I travel the world (much of it the third world) for a couple of years with no troubles, but the talented individuals at Jetstar can’t manage to get a bag on a plane to a destination an hour away. Good job fellas.


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14 responses to “Epilogue

  1. Darrell

    good work Jake

  2. dave

    home safe
    i will catch up soon

  3. Doggone!
    Hey, best of luck to you. 🙂

  4. Bud washington

    OMG!!! THIS WHOLE BLOG CHANGED MY LIFE! seriously jake i cant explain the feeling. ive been crying in my bed for so long now. its over buddy… its over! go away again mate hahahahahahahaha… common fella do it! i wish i was australian! USA is bullshit! cya jake cya.. cya jake. 😦 🙂 😦 🙂 😦

  5. I didn’t quite cry in my bed like Bud, but I’ve been living vicariously through your crazy situations and high levels of stoke no matter the situation. Thanks for doing putting together such a great collection of stories, when I do break the shackles of LDN I’ll be going back and reading your posts again for tips on where to get shacked in the third world!

  6. i am way behind the times and wanted to check in on here. sigh, it’s true. travel blogs lose their clout when no traveling is being had. BUT, stick around. you’re a good writer and i’m sure i’ll be stoked on reading whatever you have to say. hope life is swell back in stationary oz.

  7. i’m still waiting for this blog to chug back up to working order. i will continue waiting, and hopefully won’t have to wait until you travel again. share your thoughts! you’re hilarious!

    • why thankyou! i will try at some stage but balancing about to go back to school, getting waves and writing my book that will never get published makes it hard haha. hope all is well in dani-land x

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