This blog, much like me, doesn’t know what it wants to be. We both meander through time unsure of ourselves and our surroundings, certain only of the infinite possibilities that abound in the world but too apathetic and self-conscious to grab at them.

In 2008 I quit the meaningless rigours of suburban football to concentrate on actually living – spending more time on the coast and with my friends. When my relationship fell through in 2009 the only thing keeping me at home was my job as a journalist at a local newspaper. Logically, that was the next domino to fall. Liberated and with a healthy bank account I took off in June 2009 and lasted a year abroad, spending two months surfing in Indonesia; a month in Mexico via a week-long stint in LA and San Diego; and a month in Central America (Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica) before settling down in Canada for seven months to work and snowboard (and surf surprisingly). Ten days in Kauai on the way home was a little treat to myself for being such a good boy and finally doing something noteworthy in my life, albeit belatedly.

Before that journey I had only been to Indonesia (Bali mainly) a few times, Borneo for a few weeks about five years earlier and the US with my family when I was about 12 years old (where the seed for travel was probably sown within me – thanks ma and pa). Arriving home in July last year I was no closer to knowing what the hell to do with my life – all I knew was I had to get out of little old Adelaide again to see some more cool shit.

And that brings us to the now – only weeks away from the bubbling cultural cauldron that is South America and still completely unsure of my place in this world. Come to think of it, the only thing I’m sure of is that I’m unsure of everything.

Fearinenglish combines the angst of Holden Caulfield with the intense longing for adventure of Sal Paradise. A travel blog for those who aren’t sure whether they should be traveling and a place to air my muddled thoughts.


P.S. Fearinenglish – weird name I know. For an explanations of its origins visit my old blog by clicking here.

9 responses to “About

  1. dani kreeft

    so stoked to have found this, and to know that you are writing and writing well WHILE on the road. what could be better?
    i need a solid chunk of time to get into all that you’ve been up to, but just by skimming it, i can tell you i’m amped to read it.
    i have a friend who motorcycled south america and lived in argentina and brazil for a time. let me know if you need any info. or advice or “must-see’s” (if you don’t have enough already).
    stay well mate. xo.

  2. beauty, thanksyou. more likely i’ll be picking your brain for africa info in the near future! x

  3. Mate. A blog with tags of a whole pile of good surf spots, a photo of a glacier and a post about Shane Warne. Environmental science can wait, you are living properly at the moment!

  4. Julianne Gibson

    I’ve been meaning to stalk this blog for some time. As you know, I have an interest in writing, too, and have been ATTEMPTING to complete my Bachelor in Writing and Creative Communication, albeit a slow and very scattered progression, (while I like writing, I am also an incredibly unmotivated and uninspired individual).

    HOWEVER! My friend suggested I begin a blog. Yours is for travel… and for others… and for yourself. I think mine will just be for me, for now; a sort of matured follow-on from a diary I have been on-again-off-again keeping since I was thirteen… Although, hopefully more indepth and thought-driven-slash-provoking.

    Adios. Safe travels. See you soon!

    Juli x

  5. My internet´s about to run out Juli but that sounds rad, let me know as soon as you get it up! Will catch you later in the year, keep in touch xx

  6. Dani

    good to see your still writing – and about something you actually care about. all your travels are making me very jealous – but having just got back from a hectic week skiing and boozing in nz I know that at least for the moment – I’m where i need to be! enjoy the next few months x dani

    • thanks dani good to hear from ya. NZ, sick! super keen to get there soon. gonna be in melbourne in december, but i can’t remember if you’re gonna be there or sydney??

  7. Doc

    Sick blog Jake. One of the better ones around for BB. Would you mind emailing me please mate? I have a question for you fella.
    Doc (FZ)

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