My travels

AS YOU can see from this gimmicky map, I’m slowly getting a few pins planted here and there in this place in this great big world of ours. But in the grand scheme of things I’ve got a million places I still want to go with Africa, Asia and Europe mostly untouched (I’ll be on European and African soil in the coming months as part of this trip).

Here’s a run-down of where I’ve been on this trip so far:

February 23 – Left Adelaide, South Oz for Buenos Aires, Argentina

Feb 23 – Arrived in Buenos Aires

Mar 2 – Crossed over to the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo

Mar 3 – 9 – Caught a bus to sleepy surf town, La Paloma

Mar 10 – Bussed back to Montevideo and caught a ferry back to BA, Argentina to catch bus south to Patagonia

Mar 12 – Arrived in adventure hub El Calafate

Me and Stubsy, pre-Carnivale, La Paloma, Uruguay.

Mar 13 – Day trip to Glacier Perito Moreno

Mar 14 – Crossed over to Puerto Natales, Chile

Mar 15 – Bussed it to Torres Del Paine to begin the ‘W’ Trek

Mar 19 – Arrived back in Puerto Natales

Mar 20 – Took a bus the long way north to trekking mecca El Chalten, Argentina

Mar 22 – Headed north for Bariloche, in Argentina’s beautiful Lake District

A coupl'a lakes in Argentina's aptly named Lake District.

Mar 23 – Arrived in Bariloche

Mar 25 – Crossed back into Chile via Osorno, headed for sleepy surfing town, Pichilemu – home to big-wave spot Punta De Lobos

Mar 26 – Arrived in Pichilemu

April 1 – Bussed it north to the capital, Santiago, in time for its inaugural Lollapalooza Festival

Apr 6 – Hopped on a bus to bohemian Valparaiso

Apr 7 – Headed north for Coquimbo to search for more waves

A bit of size at Punta De Lobos, Pichilemu, Chile.

Apr 9 – Was on the road again headed for bodyboarding heaven, Iquique

Apr 10 – Arrived in Iquique

Apr 30 – Quick bus to Arica, at the top end of the country – home of the gnarly El Gringo

May 3 – Crossed over into Bolivia and arrived in the capital La Paz, in the afternoon

May 10 – Sought the tranquility of Lake Titicaca – bussed it to Copacabana, then jumped on a boat to Isla De Sol – birth of the Sun God

May 11 – Hiked the length of the island then went back to Copacabana in the evening

La Paz, Bolivia

May 12 – Crossed over into Peru, landing in Cuzco – the continent’s oldest continuously inhabited city – at night

May 14 – Made our way to Aguas Calientes, where we spent the night

May 15 – Spent the day atMachu Picchu – iconic Inca ruins – then back to Aguas Calientes to sleep

May 16 – Went back to Cuzco

May 17 – Jumped on a bus headed for Lima, Peru’s capital

May 18 – Arrived in Lima

The lads/fellas, Wayna Picchu, Peru.

May 19 – Overnight bus to Trujillo

May 20 – Splurged and checked into a hotel in Trujillo

May 21 – Day trip to Pacasmayo to surf its long left-hander, then caught a bus at night headed for Talara

May 22 – Arrived in Talara and caught a moto-taxi to wave-abundant ghost town Lobitos

June 24 – Bailed Lobitos, on a bus headed to Ecuador

Jun 25 – Arrived in surf/party town Montañita via Guayaquil

Panic Point, north Peru.

 July 4 – Said goodbye to the boys and took a bus to bustling Guayaquil to spend the night, to wait for my flight the next day

Jul 5 – Travel day, destination Central America. Checked into my hostel in Panama City’s crumbling Casco Viejo suburb

Jul 7 – Took a bus to yet another sleepy surf hamlet, Santa Catalina (purportedly home to Central America’s best right-hander.

Jul 18, 19 – Went back to Panama City with a friend. Bussed it to Puerto Lindo, the embarkation point for the San Blas Islands, to meet a couple mates from home the next day.

Jul 20 – Bought our food and booze for the boat and headed off bound for the San Blas Islands, a tranquil archipelago of some 400 picture-perfect islands.

Jul 24 – Arrived back in South America, in Cartagena, Colombia – one of the continent’s most beautiful cities.

Panama City evening.

 Jul 27 – Arrived in Medellin, Pablo Escobar’s old haunt, to hang out with a couple of friends from home for a week.

August 3 – Touched down in Santa Marta, Caribbean coast after a 17-odd hour bus ride back north.

Aug 4 – Headed to the fringe of Tayrona National Park to a Canadian-owned surf camp to find surprisingly good waves.

Aug 9 – Back in Santa Marta for a night of partying.

Aug 10 – Taxi to nearby Taganga to wait for a mate to arrive so we could scuba dive.

Aug 18 – Bussed it back to Medellin. Again.

Waves in Colombia?

Aug 22 – Jumped on three flights, crossing continents to Europe.

Aug 23 – Arrived in Barcelona, meeting up with the babe after six loooong months.

Aug 29 – San Sebastian next stop, north Spain, tapas and shit.

September 2 – Hired cars and drove west, scouring the coast for waves and finding accommodation at Mundaka (home to Europe’s best left).

Sep 6 – Further west now, basing ourselves in Llanes, famous for its cider and a tidy wedge for the bodyboarders.

Sep 9 – Dropped the car off in San Sebastian, then caught a bus to Hossegor, France.

Accomm in Hossegor, France.

Sep 14 – Travel day/night. Bus to Bayonne, then back to Spain – first San Sebastian, then overnight through Madrid, Granada and Malaga.

Sep 15 – Arrived in Pizarra – our base for trips in the south – staying with relatives of the babe’s stepdad.

Sep 20 – Went to Granada, home of the grandiose palace Alhambra.

Sep 23 – Back to Pizarra where we whiled away our last few days in Spain.

Sep 26 – Stepped off the ferry in Melilla, north Africa (but still technically part of Spain).

Sep 27 – Hectic first day in Morocco, spent in the hectic maze of Fes.

Having some chow in Fes, Morocco.

Sep 28 – Arrived in beautiful Chefchaouen’s blue-washed streets.

October 1 – Headed to Tangier for the night, to soak up the Beat Generation vibe of former residents Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs.

Oct 2 – Caught the train one stop south to coastal town Asilah.

Oct 4 – Caught an all-day train to Marrakesh.

Oct 5 – It was back to the coast with a bus to Essaouira, our host a heavy-drinking Muslim woman.

Oct 7 – Amped to get some waves when we arrived in Taghazout to find the town severely lacking in swell.

There was the odd little wave around Taghazout.

Oct 14 – Arrived in Marrakesh to rest up for the night before a 3-day tour through the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert.

Oct 15 – Departed in our four-wheel-drive out of the city for the first day of the epic tour.

Oct 17 – Back in Marrakesh in the evening to wait out our last couple of days in Morocco.

Oct 19 – A big jet plane took us to Portugal, its capital Lisbon to be precise.

Oct 23 – Met up with some mates from Adelaide at the Lisbon airport and jumped in a hire car to Ericeira – our base for exploring the coast for the following week.

Oct 29 – After a week of scoring good waves in Peniche and Baleal and zero waves in Ericeira, the boys left us and we took a long bus down to touristy Lagos in the country’s south.

Yeah, Peniche got fun.

November 4 – Headed north to Nazaré, to find the world’s biggest beachbreak, Praia Do Norte, too big and messy. Days after we attended his movie premiere in the town, Garrett McNamara rode a wave at the break he claims to be the biggest ever surfed.

Nov 6 – On the road north again to Portugal’s second biggest city, Porto. Good friends, good times, good waves awaited.

Nov 10 – Another travel day, the worst kinda days. Early flight from Porto to Barcelona – massive wait – then arvo flight to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. One train later and we were in nearby Hilversum to stay with a Uruguayan friend.

Nov 15 – Next stop Berlin, Germany where we stayed at a friends apartment in a surprisingly cosy 2×2 metre attic.

Nov 22 – London calling. Arrived in the morning sleep-deprived, cold and cranky but a coffee and vegie burger cheered me up.

Nov 28 – Impulse purchased a bus ticket to Newquay on England’s Cornwall coast, for a crappy hostel sleep and a freezing surf the next day.

Rare sun in LDN.

Nov 29 – Late-night flight, first to Singapore then on to Melbourne in the best country in the world.

December 1 – Sat down on the couch to watch the cricket and drink ice coffee and rarely moved from that spot.

Dec 5 – The end of a nine-and-a-half month journey and Fear In English, with the return to my birthplace, my muse – Adelaide.

5 responses to “My travels

  1. ben plummer

    perfect timing to be in medellin, did the festival last year, im still wanking over it now was easily up there with one of the best days of my life, that being the first day of the festival the horse parade. look ut for an irish lad think hes still there by the name of bailey hes famous in med a bit of a mutant really

  2. Stoked you’ve been the Hawai’i chee huu =]

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