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SO I arrived back on Australian shores a few days ago after 281 days overseas. I’m still not home however, I’ve been kicking it in Melbourne with a mate of mine from school who’s living here at the moment (I get home Monday night for all you Adelaideans). It’s been pretty darn rad so far. I got to my mate’s place mid-morning after picking up the keys from his swanky high-rise office, and turned on the TV to find day one of the  first test between the Aussies and Kiwis being broadcast. I don’t really froth on my cricket like I used to when I was a grom but it was still sick to put my feet up and watch it while trying to relax away my next-level jetlag. Then I went to get some groceries from the supermarket but only made it as far as the sushi shop where I bought four of those big fuck-off hand rolls, which I couldn’t seem to find anywhere else on my travels. We sat next to a chick at the store who was on her phone telling her friend about how another bird they both knew had been acting like a ‘fucking bitch ay’. Oh Australia! I wanted to jump up and kiss her right there. Continue reading



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Isn’t it iconic?

It's gonna be hard leaving good waves and nightly sunset like this.

IN A couple of days I’ll be leaving the epic waves and good vibes of north Peru for the uncertainty and, more than likely, sub-par waves of Ecuador. For most of my trip so far I’ve been fairly well-researched and had a rough idea of at least one or two things I was keen to see in each country. In Ecuador (of which I’ve heard good things about from non-surfers and mixed reviews from surfers) I’m just gonna kind of wing it. Continue reading

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More like Isla De Clouds

Calm before the storm. Mini-island snapped from the boat on the way to the big island.

EARLIER this month I stopped by tranquil Lake Titicaca for a couple of days to shake off the grime and debauchery of my week in La Paz. Straddling Bolivia and Peru, it is considered the largest high-altitude lake in the world covering a whopping 8400 sq km. After dropping my bags off at a cheap hotel in Copacabana (Bolivian side) I jumped on a boat to Isla De Sol (Island of the Sun), which is the birthplace of the sun god in Inca mythology. Our boat was pelted by rain and hail during the boat ride and I was struck down by the first cold/flu thing I’ve had in years the night before but the sun eventually came up trumps and kicked the shit out of the seemingly dark omens. Though a lady I bought a water from on the island did tell me with great conviction, the world was going to end next year with Australia the first to go. “Mucho muerte,” she said (heaps of deaths!) Continue reading

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Well sir, if that’s corny…then corn me up.

BOLIVIA. Rich in history and cutlure and blessed with breathtaking geography nation-wide. Think Lake Titicaca, The Andes, the Amazon Basin, the Incas, llamas, and a truly multiethnic population. What about camel-toes, plastic battle-axes with flashing LED lights and light-up disco floors? Continue reading


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