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Berlin and junk

The old Berlin Wall and a pair of Reebok kicks.

I’M sitting in a kitchen in an apartment Berlin with nothing to write about. Well there’s a bunch to write about but I’m short on time – my girlfriend and another mate will be back with rations for dinner and some beers in the next 10 minutes so I gotta be quick. We’ve been here for a few days now and haven’t done a lot. We’ve had plenty of sleep because technically our bed is in an attic of sorts. You can’t stand up in the room and I’m hesitant to even call our mattress a single. But its super dark so you can’t tell what time it is, which results in wake-up times of about 11am on average (apologies if you’re reading this and are currently employed). We visited the East Side Gallery (a stretch of remains of the Berlin Wall that have been painted over), the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, a museum-y kinda place regarding the Nazis and their dirty deeds (which is appropriately situated on the former site of the Reich Security Main Office of the SS – the organisational centre of most of the Nazi regime’s heinous crimes and terror), and the Reichstag, among other touristy places. Other than that I’ve just been taming mega coffees to beat the cold, drinking longnecks here and there, and eating a bunch of sushi, which I’ve been lusting after for the past few months (Portugal, Spain, Morocco, South America etc. are lacking in the Japanese goodness). Continue reading


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YESTERDAY I stood on a cliff looking out at the turbulent sea and said to my girlfriend something along the lines of, “fuck, it’s fucking windy”. 600 years ago old-timey medieval dudes in fruity hats used to stand on the same stretch of cliff and say to their girlfriends (probably), “good heavens Beatrice, I proclaim this to be the end of the world!” I’m currently in Sagres in the bottom left corner of Portugal and back in the day (i.e. when crew thought the world was flat) people considered the town – the furthest south-west you can go in Europe – to be the end of the earth. A guy called Henry the Navigator, the third kid of King John I of Portugal, became the driving force behind an age of exploration in Europe before he died in 1460, and obviously eventually everyone was like, “boy do I have egg on my face, there are heaps of other countries and places and Sagres definitely isn’t the end of the world”. But it really does have that ‘end-of-the-world’ vibe, as does the whole Algarve coast down here. 10-15ft swells regularly smack into the side of monstrous cliffs sending plumes of spray skyward, leaving you mesmerised, unable to look away. Continue reading


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Dirty Dan (I think?) pulling in.

WHEN I was a little grom fresh on the bodyboard scene, my mates and I used to froth on disposable waterproof cameras. We could barely pull into the tube and aerials were only things you saw in videos, but we’d be in the water and when your mate was on the lens you dreamt of pulling into a heaving keg and seeing him sitting in the perfect spot with the camera pointed directly at you. In reality your mate would always be 20 metres away, holding the camera on a ridiculous angle while you scooped into a 1-ft mushburger but you still had visions of glory and cover-shots. And the anticipation after you dropped the camera off at the chemist for the film to be developed was almost too much to bear. ‘Come back in three business days,’ the heavily-made-up lady behind the counter would tell me, and exactly 72 hours later I’d hurriedly ride my bike back there to pick the photos up, often not registering the fact weekends and public holidays don’t count as business days. Not much has changed – I’m still a notorious photo-slut and I’ve started buying crappy disposable cameras again, hoping for someone to snap a turquoise-blue barrel shot of me to put up in the pool-room. The following photos were taken during a small, super-fun surf at Supertubes in Peniche, Portugal last week. I bought the camera for 30 dirhams (three Euros) at a Moroccan convenience store last month and I’d say the fare was well worth it. Continue reading


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Divertido video

Heading out for a wave with my crew cut back in the day, Waitpinga Beach, South Oz.

AS A grom I used to love making surf vids. When I was about 13 years old there was a core group of four of us that’d surf together. We’d always try to con one of our parents who’d take us down to Victor Harbor, an hour drive south from our home in Adelaide, South Australia, into filming our sessions with my camcorder so we could edit these crappy little videos. ‘Carn Dad you’re just going to be sitting around waiting anyway, you may aswell be filming,’ we’d say. It worked some of the time. Continue reading


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Another day in paradise

27 days I think I’ve been here. This is the longest I have stayed in one place on my trip by far. The waves have still been on the small side the past few days so I’ve been meaning to finally write a decent post about the town (Lobitos, north Peru). I haven’t written shit. In fact I haven’t done a lot of things since I’ve been here. These things include showering (last wash was 29 days ago), drinking alcohol (last beer was 31 days ago) and wanking. I’ve decided I’m gonna wait for the next swell to hit here (in a few days time), then bail to Ecuador when the waves drop off – probably towards the end of next week. I’m going to start writing something about this place tomorrow, in the meantime here’s some stuff that happened today to tie you over: Continue reading


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Lazy Boy

IT’S BEEN a week since my last post and I still got nothing. Swell picked up today and I got some really fun ones out the front of camp, including this little pearler (pictured, click below for rest of sequence, by Ferruco De Paz). Other than that been eating waaaay too many chocolates and cakes, lounging in a hammock and reading this. Will write more this week I promise. XOXO Gossip Girl. Continue reading


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Take a knee

A PINCH and a punch for the first day of the month. White rabbit. No returns.

Greetings dudebros. It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you about what I’ve been up to, and for that I apologize. But it’s been really hard to drag myself away from the beach and the hammock to dust off my computer to write a new post. Ha, sorry. Continue reading

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Five things you probably don’t know about Pichilemu

A snap from one of the bigger days while we were there. Photo props: Dango.

The surf here gets gnarly. Real gnarly. The surfing world spotlight is on Pichilemu (a few hours south-west of Santiago) when big swells hit, primarily due to a wave called Punta De Lobos. It’s not uncommon for solid 20ft waves at the left-hand point break and it’s featured in the Billabong XXL global big wave awards a few times. Check this video and these pics to see it when it’s scary big. To put it into perspective, we surfed the place at a more mangaeable five feet and the waves were primarily only breaking alongside those giant rock formations you see way in the foreground of the video. I found the waves similar to the fabled Uluwatu in Indonesia. It was a bit fat out the back – not the best bodyboarding wave – but the inside sections were a bit suckier and rippable with the odd barrel. We got it pretty fun, about 3-5 feet most days but it was about 10-12ft on the first day. No thanks. Continue reading

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