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First foray film

My favourite from the roll. Curious cats. Peniche, Portugal.

MY indie coolness street cred immediately went up a few notches in September when I bought an old camera from a flea market in Spain. The thing cost me eight Euros and apparently back in the day the Spanish-made model (Werlisa Club Color) was a household name in the country. My new pal Dylan Beach recently purchased an old camera at a flea market too, and I’ll use the disclaimer he wrote on his blog (which you can check out here), “Now I know at lot of photographers are going to look at this post and cringe and say the usual  “oh just because he has a camera doesn’t make him a photographer” or “he thinks he’s so indie because he shot a few photos of film”. I’ll surrender to those, i’m not trying to offend anyone here.” So there you go. The results were mixed but I think some of them are neat. Continue reading


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Wall of Corn

Pretty scenic eh?

I REMEMBER once when I was a grom, picking up a Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine containing a feature about waves on the Cornwall coast of England. The images in the piece were actually pretty good and I remember being completely amazed that you could surf there. I knew of course you could surf overseas – Indonesia and Hawaii always featured heavily in the mags when I was a kid, and still do – but it was a shock that you could ride these sick waves in a place I never suspected would get surf. I still sometimes get that inspired feeling nowadays – like when I watched Dave Rastovich getting barrelled out of his brain in India in Taylor Steele’s film Castles in the Sky or Dane Reynolds’ Iceland section in…I think the same movie? I may not be the most competent waverider, but the knowledge that you can find breaking waves basically anywhere in the world that has a coastline is something that drives me to travel. If I can’t be good at surfing I may as well be good at getting to surf different places instead. This mentality drove me to a pretty fun yet freezing surf session in British Columbia, Canada last year at the tail end of the snowboarding season and it’s what drove me to catch a bus to Newquay, in west Cornwall a few days ago (the UK being the 18th country I’ve now managed to surf in). I was only there for 24 hours (my choice of hostel is what drove me back to London a night earlier than expected) but I still got some fun waves early and had a good wander around the town before a big storm hit. Check out the pics below. P.S. Yes, shit was cold son. Continue reading

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One of the seven photos I took in London. Bloody good day for it.

Aaah London. The old empire, home of grey skies, enticer of young hopefuls. With my time in London completed I thought I’d reflect on why the fuck so many young Australians pack up their lives back home to move there for years on end – trading blue skies and the world’s best beaches for rain and hectic crowds. I was going to tear strips off the place, giving you a breakdown of exactly why the city sucks balls, but now that I’m safely out of the city my icy heart has warmed with my arrival in the tropics (this post coming at ya from Changi Airport, Singapore), and I now I don’t reckon it’s that bad. I actually had a good time in London. The babe and I stayed with friends from back home and each day I managed to catch up with other mates who currently call the city home. I visited bookshops, tamed some beers, ate some good greaseball food and…well that’s about it. I gave the tourist hotspots a miss (apart from a stroll along the South Bank where I saw the London Eye, Big Ben and Parliament House) because to be honest with you I’ve more than done my share of that shit in the past nine months. If I was forced to stroll through another museum or art gallery I probably would’ve shot up the place. But after a week London started to wear me down to the max. The sun made an appearance once or twice but mostly the sky was a dull grey, which seemed to render everything else it touched a similar tone. Buildings, trees and even people looked washed out, as if they were straight out of a scene from Se7en or a Pink Floyd film clip. The tube and its stations seemed overcrowded death-traps where finding a seat or walking in a straight line without bumping into someone were near-impossible. It got me thinking – why do my countrymen flock here en masse and why do they end up staying so long? Continue reading


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Berlin to London

SO it’s my last night in Berlin and I thought I’d fill you in on the latest before I have a beer or two and get sleepy. Since we last spoke I’ve just been cruising and doing as the locals do. The other night we went to a bangin’ house party and a not-so-bangin’ club after, leaving us incapacitated for basically the entire next day. We went to a cool indie/electro gig but I kooked it and got a little too drunk so my memory is hazy. Then today we went skateboarding in this radical indoor park with a sweet bowl and mini-ramp, and followed it up with a thrift-store session, but I didn’t buy anything. I’m not really sure what else to tell you. I could get all informative and tell you a bunch about the city but that would be a bit boring. All you need to know is Berlin is really cool and fairly cheap. It’s cold as balls though so make sure you bring a sweater. Tomorrow we’ll get up super early and jump on a plane to London, where we’ll spend the next week. Again we have some accommodation with mates hooked up which is awesome for my bank balance but not so good for writing anything on this site, but I’ll try friends. I’ll be documenting my return to the coast, so stay tuned to see if there are actually waves in England. There’s some more photos from today below and if you’re still in a web-surfing mood after that swing by my friend Dan’s site on Tumblr, where you can see cool 35mm photos he’s shot. There’s a couple of me in my pyjamas in Portugal if you’re into that sorta thing. Continue reading

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