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Current location: Porto. Photo: Mildred.

THE winds of change are upon us friends. Save for the south of Chile and Argentina in March, the weather I’m experiencing now in Portugal is the coldest I’ve faced in my nine months or so away (and it’s not even that cold, yet). The singlets and flip-flops have been packed away for good, traded for layers of warm clothes and umbrellas (actually the flip-flops are sitting in a dumpster somewhere in the south of Portugal somewhere cos I threw them out after stepping on a football-sized dog poo). My snowboard jacket has made its first appearance – in anticipation of harsh European winter temps – since hitting the slopes in British Columbia last year. The other major change of late is my hair. I traded in my luscious semi-blonde shoulder-length locks for an army-standard buzz-cut, the kinda haircut you can set your watch to (thanks Mildred). I look a little less like a hobo, and have been receiving 47 per cent less offers for drugs per day, which is good although the noggin is now a bit colder in the surf. I was trying to think of other stuff that had changed in my world but couldn’t think of much. I’ll undergo some major life changes in the months to come, and surely I’ve changed a lot over the past nine months but right now none are apparent to me. Plus you don’t wanna hear that shit. Continue reading


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THAT dude you see with the dreads down the front there seriously frothing out on someone else’s shoulders is my mate Stubsy. We spent last weekend in Santiago, Chile at its first-ever Lollapalooza Festival. We saw some really good bands, got drunk and almost got stomped by some giant police horses. All up, a pretty rad weekend. Continue reading


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We just want to have a good time

IT occurred to me the other day that I haven’t listened to any music on my iPod* in the two weeks I’ve been away. It hasn’t been on purpose or anything, there’s just kinda been an abundance of cool beats wherever I’ve been so far e.g. gangster Latino rap in the carpark at the beach, Manu Chao on repeat at the hostel we just left, Cafe Del Mar at the hostel I’m at now etc. Plus I’ve been reading and revising Spanish stuff while in transit to new destinations so the iPod remains at the bottom of my laptop case yearning for me push its buttons (a sex joke). I’ve been wondering then, what tunes will become the soundtrack to this trip, the ones I’ll listen to in years to come and automatically be transported to another time and place, where I was infinitely happy. Here are some of the songs from my last big trip that make me smile and laugh and all that stuff: Continue reading


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